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Remanufactured Ford 2.9L Ranger Engines for Sale

All Ford Ranger trucks with 2.9L engines were for sale after 1983. The initial design was based on the early F-series pickup. The block selected for inclusion was the Cologne base. The decision to provide this upgraded motor boosted orders for the light-duty Ranger in the 1980s and 1990s. People searching for a remanufactured Ford 2.9L engine can use this website to order inventory.

Specs of the Ford 2.9L Block

The Cologne block fits nicely into the truck and classic SUVs from Ford. The Bronco II and Ranger can accept the 2.9-liter base. There are 177 cubic inches in the block. The top horsepower range is rated for 140. This was common for the early 60-degree versions.

The compression ratio is 9:0:1. This means that a lot of torque was available. It takes 5 quarts of oil for a successful change. A leak in the pan will ultimately dry out the motor. A problem with used condition Ranger motors is that mileage is just too high. A real lack of mechanic maintenance can degrade the quality.

Compatible Ranger Transmissions

There were several gearboxes found in the early Ranger pickup trucks. The C3, C5 and A4LD all work with the remanufactured 2.9L engines we sell here online. These have been tested. It does help to have a warranty plan when buying any automotive parts. PTG has an excellent coverage policy for consumers.

What a policy covers is to replace a part. The exact parts list that is under warranty coverage will dictate what can be changed at no cost. Not every OEM part is able to receive third-party coverage. Because our rebuilt motors from Ford are in top condition, we supply a good term of protection.

Prices for Ranger 2.9L Motors Online

Estimating the price for a swap is important. No one wants to pay too much money. Since what is sold here is refurbished, the block is meant to last a little longer. We try our best to keep the mileage as low as we can. It is unrealistic to think that a classic Ford 2.9L block will have nearly no mileage. What we do is calculate a discount price using the tools on this website.

Anyone can click on the quotes system to get started. Because we ship to all of North America. no person has to be left out. Only the best freight forwarders are utilized. The reconditioned Ford parts inventory we carry is second to none. If a VIN number is unknown, a call to our experts can solve the problem. We process orders right over the phone seven days a week.