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Remanufactured Kia Optima Engines for Sale

Optima engines by Kia are rebuilt here. There are several blocks to choose from. The platform of production dictates the size of the build. Three phases of production have been completed. A person with a need to buy a remanufactured Kia Optima engine will do great here. The price is low. The quality is higher than average. We stand behind what we sell at PowertrainGuys.com.

Kia Engine Families

The MS, TF and MG platforms designate the years of production at Kia. The first series of motors were built under the Sirius II and Delta. These were organized as I4 and V6 models. As production was increased, the Theta and Theta II designs were added.

The displacements that are available include:

1. 2.0
2. 2.4
3. 2.5
4. 2.7
5. 1.7

What this provides is a huge range of options for a replacement motor. We have invested into a complete rebuilding facility. Everything that is in stock was originally pulled from a working Optima automobile. No aftermarket parts are found on the original blocks. This provides a near OEM quality unit.

Optima Transmissions List

Before a person can swap a V6 or four-cylinder, paying attention to the gearbox is important. Many foreign automakers have shifted into supplying multiple transmission assemblies. Not every motor in production can be used with these models. Tests for compatibility with the following transmissions have been made:

1. 4-Gear Automatic
2. 5-Gear Manual
3. 6-Gear Automatic
4. 6-Gear Manual

Rebuilt Kia Engines Warranty

Auto parts should always have a warranty. Whether this is a 30-day basic policy or not is important. It takes time to disassemble and then put back together a motor. There are specs that must be adhered to by a qualified expert. PTG employs some of the best workers in the nation. We know blocks inside and out.

It is for this very reason that a parts warranty is always given out. At the time of order placed, a person can check which components are covered. This is helpful. No feelings are hurt when good data is available. Taking care of a customer is our priority.

Sale Priced Reman Kia Engines

A low price is not easy to come by. From importing and acquiring inventory to refurbishing it, keeping costs low does matter. We use a system to produce quotes here. People often use a vehicle identification number for verification purposes. Our computer system was programmed for the public to tap into. Using the tools we provide, a quote for any size Optima motor block can be reviewed.

Someone who needs help can call our service department. Every specialist has knowledge of Kia automotive parts. These people are easy to speak with. Lock in an honest discount. Get in touch with us now. It is too easy to pay a lot of money elsewhere. Order from an expert company. We ship to the USA and Canada.