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Remanufactured Volkswagen 2.0 Tiquan Engines for Sale

The Tiquan by Volkswagen is a crossover vehicle. This was offered starting in the year 2007. This automobile was designed around the PQ35 chassis platform. One unique aspect of this series is that all blocks are four-cylinders. The motor inside of the Volkswagen Tiquan is a 2.0L turbo. These can be purchased in remanufactured condition right from this PTG website. The SE, SEL and S trim versions are supported.

Specs of the VW Tiquan

The basic block is a 2.0L I4. This is a fuel injection platform. It has a computer system that controls the air/fuel mixture. This allows the VW CUV to reach maximum horsepower faster. This system is known as the FSI system.

There are gasoline and diesel variants for the 2.0-liter. Because this edition is a turbocharged model, the best performance can be achieved. The engineering of this build is above average. It is certainly built to last a long time. More people choose the reman version instead of a used edition because of quality issues.

Tiquan Compatible Transmissions

Something unique went on with Volkswagen during the production of the CUV series. Two separate high-speed transmissions were built. A 6-speed and a 7-speed model were manufactured. These are still in use today and are fully compatible with the motors we sell. Someone who asks “what transmission fits a Volkwagen Tiquan” will not have to wonder any longer.

The value of a VW remanufactured engine is really hard to beat. The parts are removed that were in poor condition. These are replaced by skilled experts with OEM versions. This raises the usage value. Mileage is kept to a minimum for all acquired import motors on sale here. This is a commitment to customers.

Prices for Rebuilt Tiquan Engines

Value means everything. People want to know that what they buy is top notch. PowertrainGuys.com has a great reputation. No one leaves here dissatisfied. Our team works daily to build the best replacement VW inventory available. Through our direct acquisition work, we find low mileage blocks to start the rebuilding procedures.

On this page, anyone using a regular computer or smartphone can get a quote in price. Our system was professionally designed. This automated pricing system is unique. The cost for freight and the cost of the block are given to our customers. We even have a phone number for support. Either way, people are satisfied with our quality of inventory and speed of order delivery in the USA and Canada.