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Remanufactured Kia Sephia Engines for Sale

Do you know what country Kia comes from? Kia is a South Korean car-maker. Not Japanese. One of the first Kia’s I became acquainted with was the Kia Sephia. Sephia is a combination of words: elegant, style, ideal, hi-tech, and auto. Introduced to America in 1992, it had only 3 tiny little engines to choose from.

Most of our visitors are interested in an engine for said car. We get plenty of requests for Remanufactured Kia Sephia Engines for Sale. If you need an engine and want a surprise, call RemanufacturedEnginesForSale.com and find out how inexpensive these engines are.

We recommend remanufactured engines for several reasons. Particularly in the older models where “good used” engines, may not be readily available. Engines are time sensitive and an old used engine probably is ready for the junk yard. We won’t sell you an engine that is ready to fail right after warranty. Or an engine that gives you warranty problems.

The decision to buy a replacement engine for your Sephia is a big one. Long term results are what you have to have in mind. Cheap engines do not last as long as good ones and often don’t cost any less. Quality engines have little or no warranty problems either. We prove the value of purchasing one of our remanufactured engines by offering an iron clad-peace of mind guarantee. We also pride ourselves on outstanding customer service.

Our success revolves around our constant desire to outfit each customer with an engine that suits their interests. By the time the second generation was released in 1997, Kia added another inline 4 cylinder engine, somewhat bigger in size for those in need of more power. But the car itself changed very little from gen. one to gen. two.

It was still a front engine front wheel drive car. Using a mounting system called transverse. This setup is very efficient and space saving. It’s a very common setup, still the most popular method of producing a front wheel drive car.

Here is a list of engines offered in both generations. The Sephia was discontinued in 2003. All of the engines are gasoline, inline 4 cylinder motors.
1. 1.5 L I4 [gasoline]
2. 1.6 L I4 [gasoline]
3. 1.8 L I4 [gasoline]
4. 2.0 L I4 [gasoline]

The Sephia was designed to be an inexpensive car and be inexpensive to operate. Understanding this, our main goal is to outfit every customer with an affordable replacement engine that has pure value built right into it. Providing affordable and reliable products is our specialty.