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Used Saturn Aura 3.6 Engine

Aura vehicles from Saturn used the 3.6 engine block for the production years of 2007 to 2009. Before GM discontinued Saturn as a brand, a new luxury division was formed in the U.S. By taking the best parts of Opel and Saab vehicles, General Motors was able to produce an all-new mid-size vehicle that was set to be first in its class. Using this website, anyone can buy a Saturn Aura 3.6 engine in used condition online.

FWD vehicles have pretty much been the standard build for most Saturn vehicles since the late 1980s. The mix of transmission types has paired well with the different motor blocks found under the hood of GM automobiles. The Aura was one of the only cars that promoted a 6-speed transmission. This build was known as the 6T70 and was only offered on the XR trim model.

LY7 Aura V6 VVT Engines

Like Honda and Ford, General Motors developed its own variable valve timing system that was used in the high feature builds. The LY7 motor is the one most associated with the Aura in the U.S. market. This block featured 217 cubic inch displacement as well as a staggering 252 total horsepower. Because of the shift in using different cam technologies, the LY7 block is rated at 26 miles per gallon highway.

The ratio of compression that a person will find when researching the 3.6L block is 10:2:1. The VVT system helps the block max out at 6200 RPMs. The transverse adaptable motors have been quite successful for GM in the 21st century. What helps push popularity of luxury model motors is the exceptional handling at high speeds. Locating a V6 block in great shape is not a problem on this website.

Warranties for Used Saturn Motors

Help with a motor when needed is supplied through a warranty plan. The 3.6-liter editions in V6 configuration listed here online are protected by warranties. This is due to better deals with suppliers that are capable of a long-term plan of factory parts protection. The Aura is just one of the vehicle types at the GM company that use the LY7 block. Complete coverage here means almost all components are protected for three years.

Planning out the purchase of any second hand engine block should include proper research of a retailer. Does a select company have its own website? Who handles returns of V6 motors? Who can be called if a problem exists? Powertrain Guys supports people who use this portal by phone and by a programmed customer service tool.

Order Used Aura 3.6L HFV6 Engines

Do you need a high feature VVT Aura motor? Start reviewing the drastically reduced sale prices right now. By adding in the 2007 or 2009 year, a clear price is delivered in real time. The e-commerce system found here does display the price a person will pay that includes freight and handling charges.