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SL1 Transmission On Sale

Saturn through GM built its SL1 with a reliable transmission. The 1.9L engine was the first block installed that easily hooked up to the automatic and manual assemblies. The initial production took place in the spring of 1990 and continued through the 1996 year. Anyone seeking help on the secondary market can use PowertrainGuys.com as their retailer. An SL transmission on sale is what people will find here.

MP2 and MP6 SL1 Gearboxes

Someone who owns a Saturn vehicle might not know that more than one assembly was manufactured. In the first two years of production, all of the installations were of the MP6 automatic. This was known as the base model gearbox. During the 1991 year, an offering of the MP2 manual transmission was announced.

These were the two variations that General Motors made available for consumers. The SOHC motor block was always the choice during this time period. PTG gives anyone a good price on an MP2 transmission for sale in North America. There are shipments that take place for these builds every day of the week.

Saturn Transmissions OEM

With some rebuilt models, there is no way to guarantee that each component is from a factory installation. It is very common in the industry to substitute parts when necessary. A person can purchase a unit and think everything inside is original. Going with something preowned is a safe way to get the real deal.

PTG only sells inventory that comes from overstocked Saturn junk yards. This keeps the price down low enough for all people. The second hand acquisitions that are made still go through a grading procedure. The good is separated from the bad. This greatly improves the satisfaction of the general public.

Reliable SL1 Transmissions

A good policy for warranty protection is included with each sale. To find the best retailers, people generally avoid popular auction sites. Few sellers there can be trusted. There are more than a million parts in our regular GM catalog. This includes gearboxes, transfer cases and engines for an SL1 car.

Buy Saturn SL1 Automatic Transmission

A procedure for estimating all costs happens with use of the PTG computer system. Go ahead and start exploring today. The vintage components that are retailed here are always marked with a no pressure price. People either like the discounted MSRP or they do not. Do not miss the chance to save money on an MP6 transmission for sale or other model we have in stock.