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Sport Trac Engine for Sale

The engine in the Sport Trac by Ford is a 4.0 or a 4.6. These were for sale in 2001 through the model year 2010. The manufacturing of late model mid-size pickup trucks promoted Ford to a new dimension. Using its standard Cologne SOHC, power levels were not interrupted even though people required more fuel economy. At Powertrain Guys, you can buy a Sport Trac engine for sale direct and save money.

XLS and XLT Explorers

The specs are almost the same as the regular SUV styles. The V6 210 hp 4.0L was the preferred block offered during the first generation of production. Even if the Sport Trac plate was taken off of the vehicle in 2002, it does not mean that it is not a factory build. The single overhead cam has been a success in the OHV division for decades.

The second motor block installed was the Modular V8. This edition features 24 valves and is known for its use in Lincoln cars. The 292 horsepower was a welcome improvement in the mid 2000s. It is normal to find the M5OD manual transmission used with the XLS and XLT Sport Trac Explorer engines.

Ford Crate Engine Swap

Hoisting up the motor and pulling it out is a big responsibility. There are service centers that have all of the equipment. Auto owners who are getting ready to pull out a defective V6 or V8 block have a choice to reduce expenses. What you can find while browsing on this website is used Sport Trac crate engines.

The builds are from our salvage partners in North America. We get first choice on all variants. The total mileage is central to our buying decisions. The interest PTG has is in the lowest counts that are available. There are yards in Canada and other areas were we find used 4.0 Ford engines to resell.

Sport Trac Block Warranty

A repair job might get expensive if no parts are under a warranty. Paying cash or credit for a new motor is not a cheap option. The Ford Motor Company inventory that is listed on this page is clean and ready to install. There is coverage that is in place to adjust the price a consumer might pay when a OEM part has failed.

Buy Ford 4.6L Motors Here

The V8 Modular or Cologne V6 are two blocks we support. The used price structure that we have included for viewing on this page is set in stone. These numbers do not go up based on industry fluctuations. A single MSRP is revealed through our quotation computer system.

Using any Internet enabled device, enter the computer to lookup the specs of your vehicle. The details are then provided. If you choose to order, you may call our experts right now. Selling to resellers, scrap yards, mechanics and people who own Sport Trac vehicles is our business model.