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T176 Transmission for Sale

Jeep and other automakers used the T176 manual transmission. Sale options began in 1980 in the CJ series. As a top shift package, the Tremtec built unit is equipped with a 23 output spline. This common threading makes the units compatible with almost every common transfer case in use before 1986 except the Spicer 300. A T176 transmission for sale is one of the products available here at PowertrainGuys.com

Long before there were electronic modules to help shift a vehicle, manual gearboxes played an integral role. Automakers were building six cylinder and eight cylinder engines that worked very well with the T176 top shift transmission assemblies. Because of the mechanical operating parts, it is not such a hard task to rebuild one.

Compatible T176 Installations

There are vehicles that will accept the Tremtec units and those that will not. For the most part, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors built vehicles through the middle of the 1980s that are compatible. There are no mods that someone has to make in order to get the assembly to fit. Many of the AMC vehicles will also accept a working T176 assembly.

The size is relatively short when compared to newer gearboxes. Coming in at just over 12 inches in length, the units do not take up much space. The first gear ratio is typically 3.52:1. These numbers set the minimum package to allow consumers to rework the original configuration to their liking.

Coverage for Tremtec Parts

Original parts are getting a lot harder to find. Thankfully, there are some companies producing aftermarket components that can be installed in any of the T-series transmissions. A warranty is just one part of the paperwork that consumers receive upon a successful purchase using this web resource. The arranged partner that handles the shipping will also handle the warranty claims if any are needed.

The quoted price will almost always include any protection policies available. All order terms for the replacement T176 transmission in stock can be verified before shipment. One thing to keep in mind is that most people can do a rebuild of the Tremtec units by themselves. The products featured here are almost always used condition.

Buy Used Manual Transmissions

Even though the automatic versions are now the king, plenty of people still depend on a regular four-speed to get the job done. The springs, gaskets and seals in each unit that is provided through this resource are always double-checked. For a person to buy without looking at a picture, this is the type of information that is needed to know.

A call to the PTG service department will start the quote process. We have even developed a quick and easy method of looking at our pricing on this website. The locator application will check all of the stock available as well as the sticker prices. No on has to log into the computer to complete this procedure. Questions about shipping can be asked to make sure delivery dates and times are confirmed.