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Tahoe 4L60E Transmission for Sale

The Tahoe by Chevrolet is one of the SUV vehicles that make use of the 4L series gearboxes. From its introduction in the early 1990s, the 4L60E transmission has been a faithful component of the General Motors company. Searching the web for a reliable resource to buy used Tahoe 4L60E transmissions will end on this website. All inventory is shippable nationally.

Roots of the 4L60E Gearbox

The famed 700R4 laid the groundwork for the future success of General Motors development of electronic torque converter gearboxes. There are often two versions of the late model Tahoe gearboxes found in the current auto market. These can be defined as 2WD and 4WD units. Each edition was made to satisfy the gearing needs for a particular engine type from GM.

The 4×4 4L60E transmission is the most common in vehicles built in the late 1990s. A much larger fluid capacity is provided in this model compared to the standard two-wheel drive gearboxes. This is due to the fact that the differential gears are on each axle compared to only the rear two on a typical SUV.

4L60E Used Transmission Engine Compatibility

The V8 block and small-block design fit well with the 700R4 and the newer 4L60E series transmissions. When buying either of these units as a preowned type, it is helpful to know what engines are compatible with Tahoe transmissions. The 4.8, 5.7 and 5.3 Chevy motor blocks are the most common builds that are found paired with the 2WD and 4WD transmissions offered for second hand sale. This offers people a heck of a deal.

Common 4L60E Gearbox Problems

The exact reason that someone replaces an automatic shifting gearbox can be different depending on how each vehicle has been used. A portion of the problems that are known to affect the functionality of a 4L60 and E series include the following:

Gearing problems could prevent regular shifting into the first or second gears. Up-shifting issues have been reported as well as clutch mechanisms wearing out early. Reports of sluggish movement due to torque converter issues or zero movement regardless of what gear is shifted to have been reported. All gearboxes that are in used condition and sold through this website have already been certified as good condition and include a warranty.

How to Buy a Second Hand Tahoe Transmission Online

OEM gearboxes that have been taken out of working sport utility vehicles can be found for sale on this Powertrain Guys website. National inventory providers are used to secure every gearbox from GM that is shippable daily. From a free of charge warranty to 4WD or AWD units, a person save money shopping here.