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TH350 Transmission for Sale

TH350 refers to the name of the GM transmission found for sale in a lot of vehicles. The year was 1969 when engineers from Buick and Chevrolet got together to produce what some call the best three-speed gearbox in existence. Coming in at around 120 pounds dry weight, the TH350 transmission for sale that can be ordered here is a real value.

The all-aluminum housing was the primary form of protection for the Hydramatic 350. Unlike the polymer enriched products of today, the real aluminum that was in place to keep the gearbox cool was an old automotive standard. The first gear is tuned to 2.52 in all OEM units. One can find most V6 and V8 motors used through the 1986 year paired up with the THM three-speed.

Turbo Hydramatic 350 Specs

The length of the assembly is about 24 inches. This is considered small compared with 21st century standards. One thing to know about this model is that is was not modernized with an overdrive gear yet. The 700R4 automatic transmission is the unit that eventually replaced the TH series at General Motors. The Powerglide is what the three-speed replaced in 1974.

All of the “C” models include the lock-up torque converter clutch. This was not offered on any unit built before 1979 in the United States. Regardless of which used TH350 transmission is in place, a vehicle owner knows that these are reliable and durable for almost any racing or every day applications.

In fairness, every General Motors gearbox has incorporated some problems at one point or another. In the cast of the TH class, the clutch drum could slip or make noise during regular usage. It is a tiny issue that can be corrected though. A person who is searching the aftermarket for an OEM model should keep this stuff in mind.

Buy THM350 Transmissions Here

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