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Used Ford Thunderbird 3.9L Engine

Ford Thunderbird cars used the 3.9L engine block from 2000 to 2005. Known as a personal luxury sports car, the late model T-Bird was available in both coupe and convertible builds. These were based on the change to the DEW98 platform created by Ford Motor Company. The actual RWD motor inside of the vehicle was pulled from a Jaguar design. A buyer of a Ford Thunderbird 3.9L engine at Powertrain Guys will save some serious cash.

Front mounted motors were chosen by Ford for most of its 1988 and up vehicles. The Lincoln and Jaguar were all front based motor cars and were rear-wheel drive editions. While each shared a similar body layout, only the Jaguar and Thunderbird swapped the V8 engines. One of the reasons being is that the 5-speed automatic gearboxes worked best with the 3.9-liter compared to the outdated 3.8L models.

AJ35 V8 Thunderbird Engine

The power level in the AJ35 motor blocks changed from year to year. The first rated speed cycle was noted for the Lincoln LS brand. A top speed of 252 hp was achieved in the 2000 to 2003 series. Because the T-Bird also used this early AJ35, power levels were limited to the rated specs. In the 2004 to 2005 production year, the horsepower received an increase to 280.

The hard top and convertible editions were all sported the luxury 3.9-liter motor build. A person who will get the honor of dropping in a block found on the used market should have a lot of questions. Good ones to ask include: What is the mileage? and What kind of warranty is offered? This is the minimum data needed to have a successful sale.

Buy Used Thunderbird V8 Engines

There are price changes that happen to dealer inventories almost daily. No company can predict when a supplier with raise or lower the price levels. To keep things clear, the Powertrain Guys acquire units exclusively through the preowned auto market. The only elements that change are larger or smaller inventories of AJ35 builds. It is the actual sale price that means a lot to a car motor buyer.

Inventory tools are a big help in the 21st century. Long gone are the dreadful days when people have to catalog parts in stock by hand. Salvage industry inventory is mostly digital. What yards choose to catalog is updated immediately in national databases. There are zero MSRP price tags attached to used Thunderbird engines here.