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Toyota 5SFE Engine for Sale

Toyota used its 5SFE four-cylinder engine for its sale priced Celica in 1990. This DOHC block featured its new and improved electronic fuel injection system. It was later moved into the Camry to give a boost to sales in the United States. Known for its reliability, the Toyota 5SFE engine for sale that is here at Powertrain Guys is attractively priced.

Specs for the 5SFE Block

Fans of horsepower might not be impressed with the basic build. The generation one cars were only able to achieve a 133 hp speed. A tiny improve in the mid 1990s added a range of 136 hp. No serious problems plagued the manufacturing of the Camry 5SFE engine or other trim levels.

The capacity of the oil pan is one thing that car owners should look at. A leak can seriously dump a lot of excess fluid onto the ground. Proper levels should be monitored for all variants of the four-cylinder Toyota motors. The stock that appears on this website receive mechanic evaluations at the time of acquisition.

5SFE Motors in Good Condition

No timing belt problems are ever found on PTG inventory. We know this is one issue that drivers complain about on some forums on the web. The good condition refers to the miles on the block, hoses, rust pattern and anything else running wild on eBay Toyota engines. The guarantee supplied to adults shopping with us is from a warranty.

There is a short term and a longer term that is in place. All people have access to the short term plans. This means more than 90 days are covered. Should an issue come up during this time, there is a high chance of us having it fixed for you. It cannot be simpler than this.

What you might not find on this page is every single detail about the history of the four-cylinder builds. We try to cover the basic questions people ask. Through our contact form, you can submit anything you need to know from us before you make an order.

Buy 5SFE Engines Here

We tell you the price of what we sell through a quote tool. Our tech team installed this on all pages of this website. Because we are a mobile-friendly site, you can still use your smartphone or tablet computer here. Just tap the boxes in the application to make your selection. For people not using this method, we still take phone calls daily.

Our team knows how to ship and crate Toyota engines. The packaging is never damaged. You should expect your delivery in just a couple of days. Let our team know if you require special delivery instructions. It is a great idea to have a lift gate to unload the used 5SFE Celica motors that you can order here.