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Used Transmission for 2007 Dodge Caliber

The Caliber by Dodge used a CVT transmission in 2007. These cannot be rebuilt though. The option for a driver needing this assembly is to buy a used one. There has never been an official recall stating that there are problems people experience. Current owners already know the issues that a factory gearbox can have. Using PowertrainGuys.com, you can order a used transmission for a 2007 Dodge Caliber online.

The compact cars were upgraded in the 2000s to feature a better way to shift. This was known as the CVT or constantly variable gearbox. Even though the vehicles were a five-door hatchback, Dodge felt the need to supply easier shifting compared to a regular four-speed. When coupled with the World 1.8 or 2.0 engines, it was a good decision.

Problems with the CVT2

Most automakers have had some issues with the non-standard transmissions. Because there are so many clutches inside, gears can easily be chipped or broken. If someone reads reviews from auto owners, it is likely that this is the common issue. Most of what is damaged gets sent to authorized service centers for repair. Other people have to shop the preowned parts market for a used Dodge Caliber transmission.

PTG only sells pulled out models from junked cars. These are routinely tested and overhauled to keep them clean. A series of basic tests are always undertaken to ensure we keep our reputation high. No factory or user damage is found in the units that we present to anyone who visits our website to buy inventory.

Dodge Caliber Transmission Warranty

Nearly all automotive dealerships have a set term of coverage. This is included for a brand new or second hand Caliber. Some of the parts inside of the gearbox are never covered. What we do is provide a guarantee on the OEM parts. If one fails under our ownership, we help car owners with a replacement.

While this is unheard of in the retail industry, we built our company on honesty. The Chrysler engines and transmission units we sell are factory quality. They might have some mileage on them, but they will function as intended. This is by far the cheapest way that a person can save cash on expensive repairs.

Prices for Dodge CVT2 Transmissions

The parts finder our company developed is accurate. Each time something sells, our computer is updated. Inventory constantly comes in through partners in the junk business. A good swap can only be performed with a working assembly. The price that people pay here is pretty low. This is in comparison to auction sites on the web.

Not using our database is OK too. Just call our number to get started. Within the first 30 seconds, we gather the data we need to start quoting pricing. After this point, you can tell us you want to buy or not. We will not be offended if you do not purchase from PTG. We help you either way.