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Used Transmission for Dodge Ram 2500

Are you trying to find a used Ram transmission for the 2500 Dodge? There are three types that were installed in the heavy-duty trucks. Depending on the motor block, the gearbox torque and gear ratios might be different. The automatic option is by far the most common assembly to find. Powertrain Guys has a used transmission for Dodge Ram 2500 trucks on sale here.

2500 Dodge Transmission Types

The gasoline and diesel engine used inside of Dodge trucks work well with the gearboxes. These are precision crafted and are Ultradrive based units. Electronic solenoid controls are still being incorporated into the designs.

The four-speed automatic and six-speed automatic are found in most three-quarter ton and one-ton pickups. The Ram and Dodge divisions have each relied upon multiple power ratios when administering gearboxes in motor vehicles.

The following units are in stock and fit into the Dodge Ram 2500 trucks:


A person will do a swap should always use AT4+4 fluid. The lubricant type is what is recommended by Chrysler to prevent gear lock up. Inside of the 68RFE, you will find that the torque converter is totally hidden. It is recessed inside of the housing unlike previous builds.

The Tradesman, Laramie, Big Horn, Limited and Longhorn are just a few of the types of trim found in late model trucks. The four-gear or six-gear styles are related to these builds.

Second Hand Dodge Transmissions

One truck owner will swear by the quality in a rebuilt gearbox while another will appreciate one that is preowned. No one seems to agree on which type is better. The reality in the vehicle business is that both are essentially the same. The mileage ratio is always that same although a few new components are swapped out. The absolute final decision someone will make depends on how long the gearbox is expected to last.

Ordering a Dodge 2500 transmission for sale from PTG will come with a factory warranty. We are not rebuilders, but we acquire secondary inventory in the USA. We have freight partners throughout Canada that handle our shipping services there. The belief that factory components will last comes from our standard warranty protection.

Used Ram Transmission Prices

Here at PowertrainGuys.com, your order is always secure. Even before we get to that stage, you get the full capacity to review our sticker prices. The exact discount applied along with our current incentives for this month are given out. You are kept informed about all aspects of the stock we keep and what we will ship nationally.

If you represent a body shop, that is alright with us. You can even be a truck owner who is estimating the price of Ram 2500 transmission replacement. All MSRP is transparent and accurate. You receive the opportunity to look this data up using our price locator module on this page. Call us if you need any other help. Let’s get started.