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Transmission TH400 Sale

The TH400 is an automatic transmission once for sale in Chevy, Buick and GM automobiles. This Turbo Hydramatic series is by far the most popular model. It was built in the 1960s although an emphasis on heavy-duty performance took place in the 1970s. Because there are only three gears, the assemblies are easy to work on. A TH400 transmission sale price is given to people who shop on this website.

The bellhousing of the TH series is all one piece. The casing is made out of aluminum. It differs from late model builds due to its 32 spline gears. General Motors had the 400 series in production until 1990. The reason that it was pulled from manufacturing is because of the use of electronic solenoids and the need for one extra gear.

Used Turbo Hydramatic Transmissions

More than one model was produced at GM over the course of 25 years. Jeep SUVs as well as AMC variants were coupled with the TH400 automatic transmission during different periods of time. Powertrain Guys specializes in preowned versions of these assemblies. Not too many companies put the effort into rebuilding the vintage units.

Since compatibility is widespread, the 2WD and 4WD vehicles support the three-speed gearboxes. For the most part, installations go smoothly and there are no mods required to drop in an assembly. A person using this page as a resource to find inventory or price data will be happy to know that a free warranty plan is provided at the point of sale.

The dealer in charge of distribution will be responsible for handling a warranty claim or request. This is quite an easy process, and it is one that is rarely required to initiate. The rate of return for products shipped is very low although it helps consumers to know that not every junk yard product is in 100 percent top condition.

Buy TH400 Transmissions Here

The effort that it takes to drop a defective gearbox and install a better one is understood at PTG. It is not an easy procedure to find a local deal or to get a reliable delivery. All of the considerations and fears that average people have are put to rest by our team. We know the difference between a good and bad transmission.

The first thing that should be accomplished here is to request a quote in price. Price lists are not published publicly, but are instead delivered using a computer application. The tools here easy to access with any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. A regular PC is available to use to get the most fair and accurate pricing.

Offline calls to the customer support department are another good way to get information. The entire process takes just under a minute, and is a real benefit to any buyer. Once the sticker price is confirmed, consumers can then place orders and request a specific delivery date.