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Tremtec TR6060 Transmission for Sale

The TR660 is a Tremtec transmission. It is a 6-speed assembly. These are built and licensed for installation into major automaker brand vehicles. Companies like GM, Chrysler and Ford are now distributing these manual builds across the USA. Powertrain Guys has Tremtec TR6060 transmission for sale inventory here daily.

OEM and Crate Engine Compatible

The Tremtec builds are unique. These are geared up to fit right into a project car or most vehicle brands. GM actually sells these units in new condition through its website. For a person who cannot pay the MSRP, PTG offers a more affordable option.

Compatibility with crate engines and standard V8 engines is what the TR6060 gearboxes supplies. Depending on the car, a body mounted shifter might have to be installed for correct operation. Any of the LS based motors work out of the box with the Tremtec assemblies.

The following vehicles are now compatible with the TR6060:

– Corvette
– Cadillac
– Viper
– Mustang
– SS Camaro
– Camaro
– Challenger

A six-speed assembly is nothing new in the auto world. Both Ford and Chevrolet have marketed vehicles using the manual option. What is new about the TR series is that they are build by a third party. The licensing of technology is now something these automakers are looking into. It costs less to mass produce these compared to ones built in an exclusive GM, Ford or Dodge factory.

Rebuilt TR6060 Transmission Warranty

The used and reman transmissions PTG sells include a warranty. The sale price and the documentation are reviewed before orders are accepted. Through the quote database, the actual prices people pay are listed. The terms of sale include the warranty documentation. There is no separate charge for this.

We do take great care in crating and packaging anything we ship across North America. Our team knows how to treat customers right. Ask any gearbox retailer about consumer horror stores when dealing with an auction company. There are plenty to go around. The difference here is in the quality of the product and long-term service.

Buy TR6060 Tremtec Transmissions

A quote is just a simple quote until someone orders. A quick phone call takes care of that for consumers. We retail major brand products. We also accept all major credit cards. These easy ways to pay do not interfere with a working man’s budget. Call our number if you have not received a quote on this page. We are approachable people who are ready to give you a great experience.