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Tribute 2.3 Engine for Mazda Used

The Tribute used a 2.3 engine at Mazda just like Ford did with its Escape. The reason was that these vehicles were the same. A co-development took place that allowed each automaker to sell its own version. While the numbering of a block might chance, it still has the very same components inside. Find a Tribute 2.3 engine for Mazda used in the inventory on this website.

Specs of the 2.3 Mazda Engine

The actual product code for the I4 2.3 is the Mazda L engine. Ford called it the Duratec 23. Each was a DOHC version that featured 138 cubic inches. The official specs rate 145 hp although this number does go up and down. Ford also used the L series platform for its Ranger pickup trucks. The truth is that the 2.3 inside the Tribute is a reliable block.

The 2005 to 2008 model years were the only models that featured the Mazda 2.3L. It was much larger than the 2.0L and considered a better build. The usage was widespread. People can still find a decent mileage edition through second hand resellers like Powertrain Guys.

Tribute SUV Motor Warranty

The term of protection that all people should receive goes up to three years. People who buy regularly from catalog dealers or other web sources do not have such a luxury. There are a lot of problems that can surface after an initial 90-day period. Few junk yards that retail I4 motors have a longer term than that. PTG has instilled a long-term document that every buyer here gets without paying for it.

Even though the Tribute SUV engines that we sell are reliable, the warranty just seals the deal. It curbs any second thoughts that someone could have during research of our inventory. Gaskets that are checked before a sale will not leak. If something blows out, it is probably in our documentation that parts and labor is included.

Buy Mazda Tribute Engines

The best prices are attached to our low mileage 2.3L I4 engines in stock. Order with complete confidence. The quote finder we use on this website is powerful. It lists all model numbers, mileage and delivery details for the public. It is much better than waiting to get started on a price comparison with another retailer. Use the system we developed or just call us. We are very friendly. Most of what we ship goes to service centers and owners of cars.