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Used 2.7L Intrepid Engine

Chrysler unveiled its 2.7 V6 motor for its Concorde vehicle in 1998. The use of the LH platform was going strong during this period of time. As part of the last of the 90-degree aluminum blocks, the luxury and sedan vehicles were fitted with the EER 2.7 motor blocks. In the U.S., it is possible to buy a used 2.7L Intrepid engine while using this daily updated website.

Chrysler 2.7 V6 Motor History

The build of sludge in the oil pump and delivery lines is a known issue that has plagued the 2.7L motor. While the Intrepid is just one vehicle known for its V6 blocks, people who have had problems with oil sludge have voiced concerns on the web and in print. Before the issues started, the DOHC block was becoming a standard in most Dodge and Chrysler created vehicles.

Intrepid cars were fitted with the OEM installed 2.7L from 1998 to the 2004 year. This happens to be the same time period as installations for the Concorde. The compression in the LH series motors was usually 9:7:1. The sequential fuel injection was still being used on the 90-degree V6 builds during the mid 2000s.

The full-size sedan vehicles that depended on the V6 power were fitted with a water cooling system. Most of the dual overhead cam shaft engine brands in the Chrysler family used this setup for a number of years. As far as V6 power is concerned, the EER option code builds are the only blocks similar to the 3.6 Pentastar.

Specs for the Dodge 2.7L Motor

When choosing a Dodge motor for replacement, knowing what the factory specs are can help with dealer comparisons. The official rating is 200 horsepower for the entire run of Intrepid model 2.7L engines. The upper limit of RPMs were 6600. This configuration is different from the later produced Magnum version that offered a modified intake valve. The list price for the Dodge Intrepid was $21,000 in its first year of production.

The models produced before the year 2004 had different manifold designs. A lower ratio of torque was added in later years to offer a 1000 level boost to the RPMs. This was noticeable in the Magnum, Stratus and Sebring vehicles. A person who is now shopping on web to locate a used condition 2.7L Chrysler motor block should be aware of the history of the build before purchase.

Sale Prices for Dodge Intrepid Motors

Tapping into the warehouse inventory on this page will reveal all known sale price structures. While the prices are not MSRP, they are discounted enough to make most people happy. The prices that are promoted here do include the warranty and freight charges in most cases for purchasers who live in the United States.