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Used 22RE Engine

The Toyota SOHC 22RE engine was used in numerous vehicles starting in 1984 in the U.S. First used as a pickup truck motor, the RE series was infamous for its use of fuel injection technology. As one of the larger 8-valve motors, many of the popular brands built until 1997 at Toyota made use of the single timing chain editions. Here at PowertrainGuys.com, buying a used 22RE engine online is never difficult.

The actual displacement in the 22RE is 2.4 liters. Some people might confuse this model with the similar I4 22RTE. The difference between the two is the turbocharger. The late model 4Runner and other vehicles include the turbo on the block. People who end up buying this motor do benefit from the 22RE engine mileage. It is known to be a work horse model.

Complete 22RE Used Auto Engine

What vehicles use the I4 series build? The pickup trucks that were part of the U.S. division of Toyota from 1984 to 1988 featured the original version of the 22RE 4-cylinder motor. The Celica is another sedan model that promoted the smaller blocks until its discontinuation. The horsepower is 105 hp to 114 hp.

Do people think the 22RE engine is any good? The reviews are mixed in most parts of the world. While some people like to modify the original block, others think that it is find the way that it was produced. There are really no issues that were present during any of the production years.

Someone who is checking prices to perform a 22RE engine swap has probably already searched forums and read reviews on the web. Powertrain Guys sells its used Toyota car engines in good condition. The emerging network of dealers providing the shippable inventory here keep prices for consumers low.

Buy 22RE Engines for Sale Online

Cash, credit card or checks are always acceptable forms of payment here. Before someone goes through with an order, it is quite a common practice to get a price quote. These are not just generic list prices. People control how the prices are prepared by using the search tool here accurately. It does take knowledge of the VIN number, model year and the turbo or non-turbo 2.4 to get the best price.