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Used 3.8 Chevy Camaro Engine

Did you know a 3.8 liter engine was used inside the Chevy Camaro? Back in 1996, GM offered a 6-cylinder block as part of its 5.7 liter motor downsizing routine. Trying to get the most of its gas mileage, General Motors placed the 3800 series block in several vehicles. If you are the owner of one of these vehicles, you can buy a used 3.8 Chevy Camaro engine right on this parts website.

Series II 3.8 Specs

Going with the naturally aspirated V6 did make sense. People who did not need the heavy horsepower found in the V8 would welcome the 3.8. The change did not go over so well with the public. Even though 205 horsepower was supplied, not all people had belief in the 3800 Series II editions.

Production carried on through the year 2002 in the U.S. GM then switched back to its high performance series blocks. All is not lost though if you currently own the famed Camaro 3.8 engine. These are simple to pull apart and to work on. It is for that reason that we continue to offer the used 3.8 Chevy motors on this page.

Reliable Chevrolet V6 Motors

You can and should get a reliable block to put inside of your sports car. One that has high mileage means that someone beat it up before you got it. This is not a very helpful scenario to be in as a car owner. If you go to a mechanic, the chance of him or her installing a 3.8 from a junk yard is pretty high.

The only secondary sources that still exist for older motors is scrap dealers. PTG works through companies that take out the 3800 Series II blocks. We have these examined. If needed, a cleaning procedure is administered. This removes any left over dirt or oil on the block. Then and only then will a preowned model hit our warehouse shelves.

Buy Camaro Engines Here

The 3.8, 4.9 and other displacements are what you will find here. The very easy to understand search tool we offer will work with any computer or mobile device. Entering the year of your Camaro and transmission size will match the motor. You get to review our stock. You then are presented with a sale price.

After you review these details, call into our company and speak with our employees. The person who answers the phone will help you instantly. All of the details that we give out are specific to your needs. We will advise you on what the cheapest freight is and the terms of warranty protection we offer.