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Used 4.2 Liter Ford Engine for Sale

Support for Essex V6 engines at Ford started in 1981. This powerful motor block was an original OHV design. These units were built in Canada and provided direct installations for Ford Motor Vehicles. A popular build in the V6 family has always been the 4.2-liter. It is possible to save money when purchasing a used 4.2 liter Ford engine at this website online.

There are 256 cubic inches found in the block of the late 1997 built Essex motors. Some popular builds came before the 4.2. The 3.8 and 3.9 were used to power a number of vehicles. The F-Series is likely the most common place to find a 217 horsepower 4.2-liter. When seeking a preowned motor block to buy, identifying the right engine code is the best way to validate compatibility.

History of the Ford 4.2 Engines

The 300 in the Ford lineup was pretty old by the time the newer Essex editions were built. The same 12-valve design was standard, bu the torque level was updated. This offered the immediate improvement of 262 lbs per foot. While the redline limit on the 4.2 is lower at 3400, the horsepower more than made up for any limitations. There were 11 total years of installations in the F150 trucks for the Canadian Essex V6.

A few years of using inferior parts led to outcry by the public in the late 1990s against Ford. The gasket covers were prone to deterioration which lead to eventual engine difficulties. As a way to satisfy consumers, new manifolds were built that prevented air leaks and vacuum problems in the 4.2 block. These issues are likely one that caused Ford Motor Company to move to the V8 blocks after 2008.

The same compression ratio was used through the entire lifespan of the V6 Essex. A 9:2:1 system was used although no turbocharger was offered on this edition. While some people struggled with the 4.2-liter build, these are still powerful engines when cared for using good maintenance practices.

4.2 V6 F150 Engines: What to Know

When someone is thinking of swapping the famed V6, asking a retailer about what incentives are supplied is a good idea. One should find that a good warranty plan is a must for the Essex series. The PowertrainGuys.com company is one of the only national distribution outlets that still supply coverage for most of the F150 truck engines.

Buy Cheap 4.2 Ford Truck Motors

A powerful fuel injection system, reliable horsepower and a good sale price is what is promoted for inventory here. Unlike buying through a junk yard, continued support after every processed sale is supplied. Someone can use the one-touch locator tool on this page to find out how much it costs to swap a F150 Essex engine. Getting help through the toll-free number is still a good option for many U.S. consumers shopper here.