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Used 41TE Transmission

The 41TE automatic transmission was used by Chrysler starting in the 1989 year until the year 2010. There are no less than 20 different vehicles that have made use of the all-new electronic controls. The 4-speed automatic version was one of the first with a switchable overdrive system that could be adjusted on or off. This level of technology was only possible with shared electronics. Powertrain Guys sells used 41TE transmission inventory online.

The electronic controls were a standard when paired alongside of the V6 transmissions in the late 1980s. Chrysler found its niche in developing easy to work on automatic assemblies. One inclusion that most people forget about which was a Plymouth first was the automatic speed control. This sensor mechanism helped perform accurate checks of speed at each gear level.

OEM Factory Built 41TE Gearbox

A person hoping to find a 41TE transmission rebuild here might be disappointed. What is on sale through this portal is a preowned version. These have been tested and removed from a late model Chrysler or Mitsubishi vehicle. Each unit has a working torque converter along with all of the original solenoid packs. Versions for Dodge vehicles can be purchased easily here too.

Assemblies that are priced and shipped here 365 days a year are complete. These have been vigorously inspected. The right 41TE transmission fluid type was used in the testing phase. This is essential for making certain that no defects or artifacts appear in the inner chamber. Someone hoping to save a little cash on a used condition unit will appreciate the price savings at PTG.

Prices for Used 41TE Automatic Transmissions

The market value and the resale value are quite different when exploring gearboxes. What the market might command is not always placed into the resale price structure. PowertrainGuys.com promotes only 4-speed builds that are discounted. What this provides is an immediate savings. The regular MSRP has been drastically reduced. This allows anyone buying a Chrysler 41TE transmission for sale to reap the rewards.

The procedures needed to review a price using this portal have been revised this year. It is not a requirement to supply a gearbox ID or other identifying code. What someone will need to provide is a valid 1989 to 2010 model year. This is needed as a cross reference to check inventory. When a match is complete, an offered sale price promotion is provided here.