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Used 4L60E Transmission Cheap

GM automatic transmissions are regarded as top quality by consumers. Part of the success achieved in manufacturing can be attributed to the 4L60E gearbox. This is the unit that replaced the 700R4 as the top Chevrolet assembly in 1992. A General Motors part buyers who hopes to buy a used 4L60E transmission cheap can buy direct from this PowertrainGuys.com website.

4L60E Transmission History

The original 700R set the pace of production with its turbo design. GM started production in 1982, and this gearbox was a faithful component in hundreds of vehicles. It was not until the creation of electronically controlled torque converters through solenoid switches that people really began to take notice of the future of Chevy vans, trucks and automobiles.

The initial 4L60 build did not have the electronics installed although it was still a four-speed gearbox. The casing is a 3-piece design that is closely related to the TH gearboxes used for decades at General Motors. A simple way to identify the E series gearbox is through the shape of the bell housing and spline shaft.

How to Identify M30 Automatic Transmissions

There are 2 different periods of production for the E series GM gearboxes in the early 1990s. The first phase was 1992 to 1997. These can be identified with the four additional bolts towards the tail of the assembly. GM then started producing a newer 4L60E between 1996 and 2010. These were noted as 2WD and 4WD versions.

The common transmission code for a 4L60E is known as the M30. This is the RPO code that designates the late model gearboxes over the earlier MD8 700R4 editions. There are still electrical connections that can be found in the 4L60 as well as 700R4 although these were mainly used to connect speedometers by way of a cable.

RPO M30 Common Transmission Problems

One issue that has been uncovered and validated through many truck and SUV owners with the 4L60E gearbox is the lock up solenoid failing. Because these are electric devices, a pulse could short out the unit making it impossible to shift into first, second, third or fourth gear. One thing to note is that all PowertrainGuys.com inventory has been cleared of all known transmission problems in the GM lineup.

Prices for a 4L60E Used Transmission

When someone does not want a new assembly, it makes sense to pay less by obtaining one in used condition. Some refer to these units as preowned although mileage often determines quality received. Consumers who are swapping a GM gearbox can easily buy a 4L60E transmission for a super low price on this website. A price estimation tool is offered for use to display all prices for review.