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Used 4L65E Transmission for Sale

General Motors quietly retired its 700R4 gearbox in favor of better assemblies built in the 1990s. The success of the 4L60 paved the way for different electronics to be installed that allowed more control over vehicle torque. A pulse width modulation solenoid is still the new standard way to operate a gearbox. Buying a used 4L65E transmission for sale here is quite easy online.

Once GM changes its transmission numbers, the auto industry was never the same. This included putting new gearing and electrical controls in the early 1990s gearboxes. By the year 1995, the use of the lock up solenoid was a standard technology. The installation of clutch packs and a different planetary gear ratio were some of the differences over the 4L60 stock model.

2WD and 4WD 4L65E Versions

The Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Holden, Pontiac and Cadillac brands have all used the electronic torque converter gearboxes built by GM. This means that most 2WD vehicles and 4WD vehicles have some type of four-speed automatic version. The torque of the latest model of 4L65E assemblies maxes out at around 380. The transmission tag usually refers to this unit as an M32 build.

One problem that consumers have when the 4L65E series is buying one from a reputable dealer. It is not so much the mileage or condition that is the issue. The real problem is the weight of the gearbox housing. The actual weight of the average unit is about 195 pounds. This presents a problem when companies only ship through UPS or other common carriers. The prices consumers pay for freight can easily eat up sale price savings.

4L65E Automatic Transmissions On Sale

The instant price locator that is found right on this website helps a lot of people price a 4L65E gearbox. The amount of time needed to swap an assembly will be different for each person. The point of sale price is intentionally low here at PowertrainGuys.com. This is due to the fact that inventory has been acquired through trusted dealers. Every dollar saved is passed on to a consumer buying used GM transmissions.

Apart from the low MSRP price, an offer to ship a used 4L65E gearbox is available. Regardless of the location in the U.S., a fast delivery time period is provided. This removes the cost issues when a person is considering whether to buy based solely on the expense of shipping. The last incentive provided is a warranty plan that is meant to last for a number of years.

Search 4L65E Used Transmission Inventory

Begin by choosing the right model and year of a GM vehicle. This establishes a match in real time through the computer system. A secure inventory search is then made to produce all preowned assembly prices. What a person will be presented with is a way to buy instantly or to compare a price level with another dealer. The discounts and incentives provided here do make it hard to say no when buying a used transmission online.