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Used 5.4 Liter Ford Engine for Sale

Triton is a V8 Ford motor that used a 5.4 displacement during its manufacturing schedule. This series is one of the biggest ever produced by Ford Motor Company. While its design roots can be traced to the Lincoln division, there is no denying the success of the late model V8 blocks. For someone who will replace a motor, purchasing a used 5.4 liter Ford engine at a good discount is possible on this website.

The 5.4-liter is one of the final builds in the Modular motor family at Ford. While it was first launched in the F-Series trucks in 1997, a smaller version was used in the Town Car for the Lincoln subsidiary in the 1991 year. Known then as the InTech, this V8 build is what the Triton was built upon. Buying a the 5.4 in used condition does take some understanding of the multiple valve types.

Multi-Valve 5.4 V8 Engines

There are several different blocks that are 5.4-liter although not the same valve types. The secondary market is a place to find most of the Triton multi-valve motors for sale. The first edition was a 2-valve block per cylinder. This means there are 16 total valves. The second edition was built to include a total of 24 valves with 3-valve blocks per cylinder. The final block presented 32 valves with 4-valve block per cylinder.

The original rating of horsepower for the 1997 V8 Triton was 260. This level could be reached at maximum output. Ford started to use the 5.4 block in the Lighting SVT trucks and boasted a 380 horsepower range. Knowing which block to purchase is an integral part of choosing the right replacement motor. Not every second hand engine dealer provides valve information in web listings.

Vehicles That Use the 5.4-Liter Triton

Aside from the famous F150 trucks, there are other Ford or subsidiary vehicles that have used the larger V8. The Navigator, GT, Cobra, Blackwood, Expedition, LTD and Shelby GT in the USA. This is a massive range of vehicles. A person who is deciding to purchase a used block does still have options for protecting these units with a parts warranty.

The PowertrainGuys.com company still supports excellent customer service and incentives. By adding in a multiple year protection policy for Triton motors, almost every OEM installed part can be covered for breakage or failure. Warranty activation is required for someone who buys from the preowned inventory found here.

Buy Used V8 5.4 Ford Engines

It takes mere seconds to search the motor inventory here. What a person can come up with is more than one option to buy. Because there are multiple valve 5.4-liter blocks, each unit is priced a little differently. There is not a one-size fits all sticker price. Getting the quality available is what is important. Reviewing sale prices that are displayed here can happen once entry to the inventory system is made on this page.