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Used 5R55N Transmission

There are multiple Ford 5R55N transmissions that have been built since 2002. The original technology was adopted after the 1999 year and helped push the Jaguar and Lincoln brands to new heights. Before buying any preowned transmission, a person can browse the inventory of used 5R55N transmission units on this website for sale prices.

All 5R55N gearboxes are electronically controlled. What this means is that power is supplied through an electric signal to the torque converter. Pulses that flow through the transmission either open or close valves or clutches. Operating an automatic gearbox in this fashion has been a winning strategy for Ford since the 1990 year.

5R55N Ford Automatic Transmission

Some people try various methods to troubleshoot a gearbox if a problem is noticed. While nothing replacing a professional diagnostic service, there are some tips that a person can use to find out what the problem might be. Fluid levels are important when operating any Ford transmission. A very specific guide is provided in all vehicle ownership documentation.

Ford recommends a specific type of fluid. This is because metal shavings are easily absorbed into some fluid types. The breakdown of metal is what can ruin the gearing in a 5-speed unit. Because the 5R55N is an automatic build, a transmission control module is used. This unit controls when and how the gears are changed. A TCM unit could go bad without a warning.

Ford uses a series of multiple solenoids to control how clutches are engaged or disengages. A lock up can occur that renders a 5-speed model useless to a motorist. When the exact problem cannot be uncovered, swapping a unit that is defective with a preowned one will be the most inexpensive.

Used Versus Rebuilt 5R55N

Some companies deal exclusively in rebuilt transmissions. What these provide is a cleaned up version that is overhauled by a mechanic. Parts are often replaced when needed although this gearbox type takes a long time to restore. The price is always higher. A preowned 5R55N is likely the cheapest option. These are median mileage units that have been reviewed by a mechanic.

The price on these units remains low because there is a lot of life left in the assembly. A visual inspection and electronic test is performed to make certain that a person is buying a quality unit on the web. These are the models that are for sale here.

5R55N Used Transmissions for Sale

Electronic gearboxes in the Ford lineup can be purchased at PowertrainGuys.com. While other companies post a standard inventory list and MSRP on the web, consumers get inside access to the warehouse here. A person will known instantly how much a 5-speed automatic costs to replace. It is easy to arrange shipping details and to inquire about a warranty. The sale price range that is found here is much lower than most auction sources.