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Used 6.2 Liter Ford Engine

Boss 6.2 engines are now produced by Ford to be used in performance vehicles in the U.S. market. Beginning in the year 2010, fans of Ford Motor Company vehicles had the chance to sample the power level in the newly coined Boss V8 powered vehicles. As an upgrade to the 385 Cobra Jet series, the big-block motors are back in a big way at Ford. A person can easily buy a used 6.2 liter Ford engine at a sale price here.

While the Modular series is no longer being produced, many of the same types of components and air flow technologies were moved to the Boss 6.2. There are 379 cubic inches featured in the block of this large V8. One of the features that consumers appreciate about the new motor series at Ford is the tremendous increase in power. Unlike similar 16-valve motors, a total of 411 horsepower can be achieved with use of the 6.2 V8.

6.2 Compatible Ford Trucks

A bigger motor is usually offered to truck buyers as an upgrade to a base package. With the Boss series, there are really only three options that someone can choose. The Raptor trucks that are now part of the special vehicle team builds feature the V8 Boss motor exclusively. A redline limit of 5500 can be achieved without blowing the block.

The Super Duty trucks built after 2011 do provide the 6.2 as an option. For someone who already owns this truck, the improvement in speed is noticeable. Ford continues to build bigger and bigger truck engines to compete with rivals Ram and General Motors.

The standard F-Series pickups can be fitted with the 6.2 V8 as well. This is good news for someone seeking an upgrade to a regular truck built after 2010. Someone who has an earlier model might not be able to take full advantage of the bigger block. There is a substantial size difference in the displacement and cubic inches.

Buying a Used 6.2 V8: What to Know

The Boss V8 is only offered as a single overhead cam version. Depending on the block found, there could be different torque levels that are rated. It is generally acceptable to find a 434, 397 or 405 torque SAE rating. The compression ratio in the block is fixed at 9:8:1. The block is made from cast iron although each cylinder is the trusted aluminum base. There are 5 main bearings that are included in the standard F-Series Boss engines. Every unit features a knock control sensor to alert of piston issues.

Low Priced 6.2 Liter Engines from Ford

Paying as less as possible the goal of many motor buyers. Since there is a lot of variety in the marketplace, no two people will wind up purchasing the same quality engine. What PowertrainGuys.com supplies is a low sticker price. This is coupled with the free of charge parts warranty. This exclusive deal is made even better with the decision to ship all used 6.2 Ford engines at no cost to a consumer.