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Used 6F50 Transmission

The 6F50 transmission is one of the builds that is a co-venture between Ford Motor Company and GM in the United States. First started in 2006, the automatic 6-speed Ford now sells has taken the place over common 4-speed units. With a new clutch design and different technologies, consumers now get more economy out of the 6-speed models. Buying a used 6F50 transmission is never difficult here online.

A majority of the 6F50 gearboxes that Ford produces can handle as much as 300 horsepower with a V8 engine block. By adding in AWD features, the 6-speed version is now more competitive in the marketplace. Between 2007 and 2010, Ford used its 6F50 in no less than 14 makes and models of motor vehicles. This trend towards improving customer satisfaction with better auto parts is continuing.

History of The 6F50 Automatic Gearbox

What is the gear ratio in a 6-speed Ford transmission? That is a common question and one that is simple to answer. Ford started rating the lowest gear at a higher ratio. This offer precision towing power in the very first gear. The ratios decrease as a person shifts into higher gear to compensate for the torque increase. The clutch system used in the 6F50 makes this possible.

There are 10 clutch pairs that are featured in the 6-speed Ford automatic transmissions. This means that the power train is controlled by different systems. The clutch pattern is topped off with a final drive gear ratio of 2.77, 3.16 and 3.39. Both Ford and General Motors have benefited from the creation of multiple gearbox assemblies.

Vehicles Using a 6F50 Transmission

Vehicle owners of the Escape, Flex, Fusion, Taurus and Edge likely know what the pairing of a V6 motor and 6-speed gearbox can do. Mercury models where Ford introduced its new technology include the Mariner and the Sable. The Mazda Tribute and Lincoln MKS were other vehicle brands that have showed off the shifting differences of the 6F60 automatic assemblies.

Issues with a 6F50 Assembly

There are now transmission range sensors, solenoids and output speed sensors that control portions of the shifting in most Ford models. What this means to a person who is experiencing a problem is more room for errors. While going to a mechanic for a diagnostic issue, a person can expect to pay hundreds of dollars even before a solution to fix a problem is offered.

Buy Affordable 6-Speed Ford Transmissions

Expensive auto repairs do not guarantee that a gearbox will be usable in the future. Problems can and will happen if a good maintenance routine is not followed. Adding or changing fluid is a big help. When someone is swapping a 6F50, evaluating sale prices between dealers is essential. PowertrainGuys.com supports a low price structure and delivers value to consumers who shop on this website for preowned Ford transmissions.