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Used 6L80 Transmission for Sale

The use of 6-speed gearboxes is now standard in many GM trucks and sport utility vehicles. Installations are now accomplished with the 6L80 series. This unit was designed to featured two primary forms of technology. Because GM builds auto parts for the future, no automakers to date have rivaled the 6L series. A person needs only to use one click to buy a used 6L80 transmission for sale at this website.

One way that GM improved on the earlier 4L65 design in the 6L80 was the increase of torque. The past rating of only 300 was increased to more than 440. The length of the unit was slightly increased as well as the overall weight. When the 6L80 is full of fluid, it weighs approximately 229 pounds. For someone buying a preowned automatic transmission, this could require paying extra for shipping costs.

RPO Code MYC 6-Speed Transmissions

GM uses codes to determine where a gearbox is built. The codes also determine what year the unit was built. The code can even determine which vehicles have benefited from an install. The official RPO code for the 6-speed is MYC. These are normally built in the state of Michigan. A higher gear ratio in first gear is a new development of the 6L80 automatic gearbox.

Because some dealers do not include a torque converter, a person shopping for a transmission replacement can be confused. It is common for find a junk or salvage dealer selling a super cheap turbo-hydramatic build. The problem is that these do not include a working torque converter. This adds hundreds of dollars to the installation price of a person who does not know any better.

Used GM Transmissions with a Warranty

A common problem with gearbox maintenance is fluid leaks. Auto owners who allow fluid to leak likely have more than one problem in an automatic transmission. When misuse adds up over time, a working gearbox can quickly turn to one that is non-working. Someone who is buying a GM 6-speed gearbox should know how to choose a preowned transmission. There are many retailer tricks to lower retail pricing.

One thing to note that gearboxes need Dexron VI fluid or lock up problems can occur. The 6L80 needs about 7 quarts of fluid to ensure reliability. The torque converter is a fluid powered turbine unit. This is standard on most turbo-hydramatic family designs. A solid review of the TCM and solenoids must be known prior to buying a second hand assembly.

Buy 6L80E Transmissions Cheap Online

Too many companies throw the word cheap around too often. What does it mean to buy a cheap transmission? Is the mileage high? Do the seals leak? Does the price not include shipping? There a range of good questions that a consumer needs to ask. PowertrainGuys.com does ship units free of charge. Each unit has already been inspected by a professional. No leaking seals are present. Just a good price that is low enough for most auto parts budgets.