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Used AX5 Transmission for Sale

Aisin-Warner built the AX5 manual transmission. It is used in Dodge and Jeep vehicles. You can buy these from Powertrain Guys daily. We do not sell rebuilt ones. Only the finest second hand units are what people will review on this page. If you need a reliable five-speed model, buy a used AX5 transmission for sale at a low price point.

Instead of the automatic controls, the AX5 is a top shift design. This means that a shaft is sticking right out of the top of the housing. It is linked to the shifter inside of the cab of a vehicle. The clutch is operated normally. 1984 was the first year of production in Chrysler and AMC vehicles.

Replacing the AX5 Assembly

The controls are manual on the AX5. This means it is a little easier to swap. Raising up the vehicle to get to the assembly is the hardest part. A swap of a defective unit is why people change out the five-speed. The parts inside are very reliable. Lubrication is not much of a problem unless there is a valve or case leak.

The problem with a rebuild kit is that only a few parts are included. A few bearings and gaskets are not all that the AX5 transmission has inside. While these are common to fail prematurely, paying a couple of hundred bucks for an overhaul kit is not a good idea.

Junk Yard Five-Speed Transmissions

What is listed here comes through our warehouse by way of a scrap yard. These are USA companies. To find the best products, our team is always working hard. Sometimes we turn away components. These just do not meet our standards. The Chrysler vehicles that accept the gearboxes that we retail here are numerous.

How long is the warranty? That is a fair question. The term depends on the exterior, mileage and how far a build is shipped. In most cases, we beat or exceed the term of protection offered by rebuilding companies. Our products are second hand too. This is an even better value.

Prices for AX5 Aisin-Warner Builds

You deserve fair treatment when it comes to a sale price. Companies that market an MSRP are not doing you justice. The manual shift products that we have here priced automatically. Just use our computer to get started. You do not have to call us if you would rather look up details on this page. When you do call, ordering can take place. Mileage counts and freight charges are always given to you. Try PTG as your provider.

Do you need a Chrysler engine too? The Pentastar, AMC 4.0, 2.5 and 3.7 are inside our warehouse. A pair price can be arranged if you need these products too.