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Used BMW 335i Engine

The 335i from BMW used the same 3.0-liter engine throughout its production in the USA. Unlike some vehicle brands, the straight 6 version motor was used for a number of different cars. The sedan, touring, coupe and convertible were all produced with the I6 block. Production took place between 2007 to 2010 for the late model N54B30 series. People shopping at this Powertrain Guys website will find a used BMW 335i engine in stock.

The secret to the high torque and power found in the 335i series cars comes from the use of dual turbochargers. Just like the European versions of the M90 series, the U.S. editions were fitted with a low pressure turbo. While these were found to have some minimal problems, all of the factory defects were corrected. The front engine mounted 3.0 I6 is one of the most famous BMW blocks.

BMW 5th Generation 335i I6 Motors

The ratio of compression found inside of the 2970 cc series is 10:2:1. This does not change from model to model. The E90, E91, E92 and E93 versions have the same specs. There is a 7000 RPM maximum on the BMW cars. The I6 block does feature multiple horsepower packages. These were used across all of the trim levels of automobiles. The BMW 335i hp and torque can change between models.

The rating of torque is 295 to 332 pounds per foot. The horsepower is varied at 306 hp, 326 hp and 335 hp respectively. These ratings are what keeps people searching the secondary market for a good condition replacement. Any person who explores the web to find the lowest BMW 335i engine price will leave PTG happy.

Find BMW 335i Engines for Sale

There are no issues with builds that are found in the PTG inventory. Because of working with top providers, it is possible to retail only the highest quality blocks. Each I6 edition has been evaluated and double checked for exterior corrosion. The mileage will always vary due to the previous owner of each block.

In order to locate the 5th generation M-series BMW vehicle motors in stock, a person needs to begin searching the automated warehouse system on this website. A few seconds of time can really be a money saver. A quote for a preowned 335i car engine is just a click away. All warranties and freight are included.