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Used BMW 740i Engine

BMW used the 740i engine in the E32, E34 and E38 series throughout the 1990s. The most popular type of block found in used condition is probably the 4.0-liter. This 4-cylinder model was meant for usage with the 4 and 4-speed automatic gearboxes. In the U.S. market, the 740i was marketed with different specs. Shopping this PowertrainGuys.com website will produce a used BMW 740i engine price in real time.

There are 243 cubic inches that are found in the late model 4.0L blocks. The M60 block is the by far the easiest to find while the M62 is the enhanced version. Each of these 32-valve models are still equally popular. The largest differences in the dual V8 blocks is the actual speedometer rating. The M32 had its speed capped at only 155 miles per hour.

BMW 4.0 and 4.4 Motor Blocks

When searching the web for a BMW 740i engine for sale, finding one in good shape can be difficult. High power is not the only feature given in the luxury vehicle brands. It is not uncommon to find a basic V8 that has more than 100,000 miles on it. There are retailers on eBay and other websites that promote high mileage builds.

There were some reported problems with the early M60 4.0 builds. It was found out during the production period that excessive sulfur build-up would affect the power range. Someone having BMW 740i engine problems might have swapped out a unit for a better one. Some of these older builds that have numerous block issues are sold by some dealers on the Internet.

Buy an Engine for a 1999 BMW 740i

The primary blocks that are listed on sale here at PTG are in used condition. These are not every day builds. These have been professionally removed from a BMW vehicle. A mechanic has already performed an overhaul and 32-point inspection. This does certify what condition the block is in prior to shipping out. If a person is hoping to find a rebuilt BMW 740i engine in stock, he or she will not find these units here.

To receive a quote in price, the only process that needs to be completed is the touch of a button. A detailed computer system is open to all people researching here. It will take the correct VIN number, model year and other small bits of information to get the right price. This entire process happens in under a minute.