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Used Cadillac XLR V Engine

Cadillac unveiled its XLR V series engine vehicles in the 2005 year. This luxury vehicle brand was part of a roadster series that was produced for a short period in the United States. Success of earlier 2-door vehicles helped General Motors find a market for the XLR vehicles. Someone trying to find a Cadillac XLR V engine is shopping on the right website here.

The Y-body platform was a first for GM when it built its cadillac vehicles. The Corvette is one of the only sports car related vehicles to utilize the FR layout. The Northstar motor was tapped to produce the high performance that car owners expected when buying the XLR. The difference between the 4.6-liter and the 4.4-liter was the supercharger inside.

4.4L XLR Cadillac Motor

There were a total of 443 raw horsepower inside of the supercharged V8. The Northstar had been the go-to motor block for a number of years until the Pentastar was unleashed. One of the things that made the XLR motor special was the ease of transmission installations. Both the 5L50 5-speed and the 6-speed 6L80 gearboxes were used in the luxury Cadillac cars.

Production did cease on the 4.4-liter motor in the year 2009. Because this is not a GM build that is in full production, the demand is pretty strong. The only sources to purchase this block are dealerships and second hand retail shops. The Powertrain Guys company acquires its used Cadillac motors inventory from different sellers.

Before buying a Cadillac XLR engine for sale, a person should know what is good and bad about these motors. On the plus side, the motor blocks are still a little cheaper compared with buying something new. The retail price for the XLR was over $100,000. There were only a few hundred thousand 4.4-liter blocks built.

Prices for Cadillac XLR Engine Swap

The models 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2008 Cadillac XLR V series engine blocks are always sale priced here. A person who is pricing what a replacement will cost can always use this website. The inventory is accurate and what is listed is really shippable. The entire procedure to explore pricing takes only a couple of seconds. By knowing the year and the motor size, a price is immediately provided to people using this car parts portal.