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Used Chevy 3100 Engine

Generation III engines from Chevy were usually the 3100 V6 build. These editions were all iron blocks that still used the aluminum head design found in the original 3.1L. As one of the final 60-degree builds in the 1990s, the 3100 is still in demand in the used automotive parts market. A person has the option of buying a used Chevy 3100 here at this discount website in the U.S.

3.1-Liter V6 SFI Engines

The updated fuel injection was one of the selling points in the L82 block. This was the official code name of the 3100 series of motors built starting in the 1994 year. The SAE horsepower rating was 180 for most of the 3.1L builds at 5200 RPMs. With the larger displacement, General Motors offered enough power to entice sedan and performance car buyers.

There is a 9:5:1 compression ratio that is found in the OEM blocks for the 3100 series. There are 190 cubic inches in the original builds that did not change from production year to production year. Some of the early vehicles that benefited from the L82 block were the Century, Lumina, Beretta, Corsica, Regal, Skylark, Grand Am, Cutlass and Malibu.

There is an optional SPFI LG8 block that was produced after the 2000 production year. While this is not the 3100 production code, it is still the 3.1-liter 60-degree design. A person who is doing research on the year by year history of Chevrolet installed engines might need to know this tip.

Replacement 3100 V6 Complete Motor

A problem that some consumers have while purchasing a replacement motor is determining if a block is complete or not. There are hundreds of auction listings for used Chevy engines. What many of these do not provide is a detailed spec sheet for what is included at the time of ordering. The Powertrain Guys deals in complete motor blocks that are certified as preowned builds.

These editions are easy to validate because there are no OEM parts issues. All hoses, bearings and headers were evaluated prior to entering the complete block in the inventory for sale. A person who will swap out a 3.1L V6 for a better version will get more for the money when a solid unit is purchased.

Order 3.1-Liter Chevy V6 Engines

People who use this website to find out the history of the 3.1 motor or to review pricing have dual options to place an order. The first way is to call the experts waiting by phone here. It has never been easier to publicly match a VIN number to the 3100 blocks in stock and available to ship.

The second way is to submit a request to review sale price structures here. This method will take knowing the production year and Chevrolet car model that requires the engine replacement.