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Used Chevy 4L60E Transmission

1992 was the first year the Chevy 4L60E transmission was used in the U.S. market. As a new four-speed model, GM took the best of the 700R4 and applied it to the new builds for auto owners. A lot of good technology came out of the design process for the longitudinal assemblies. Someone hoping to find used Chevy 4L60E transmission inventory here will be happy with the prices listed.

There are a total of 4 gears that are found in the fist and second versions of the 4L60E transmissions. The original THM builds did not feature any electronic controls. The wire-guided hydraulic control was an outdated feature by the 1990s. General Motors updated the torque converter control using solenoids and magnets to produce electrical switching.

Finding 4L60E Gearboxes in Good Condition

When not using this PowertrainGuys.com resource, a lot can be said about the quality of web promoted transmission inventory. There are now people selling second hand units in all types of conditions. For a consumer, knowing how to accurate diagnose the quality of a unit takes a little practice. When going through the E-series builds, there are some tips to know in advance.

Validation of the gear ratio is essential. This is important because there are some units that are rebuilt or modified when in the hands of a car owner. This is not always disclosed buy a used transmissions dealer. The ratio of gearing for the 4L60E should be 3.05, 1.62, 1.00, 0.69 and 2.29 for the reverse gear. If a unit does not have this configuration, it is not an OEM build.

There should be a minimum of 2 shift solenoids in the electronic GM assemblies. The shifting is controlled in part by the PCM. More than one ratio for gearing can be achieved through programming of the transmission control module. Solenoids should always be checked for burnout or lockup in a preowned 4L60E.

4L60E Transmissions with Warranties

To save someone a lot of trouble, it is best to purchase any used vehicle component with warranty protection. This means that someone replacing a 4L60E in an Escalade, S10, Colorado, Corvette, Fleetwood, Impala, Safari, Jimmy, Yukon, Express or Astro van should always request a warranty plan. The PowertrainGuys.com company always includes OEM components protection as part of the standard auto warranty.

Buy Cheap Chevy Automatic Transmissions Here

What takes some people hours of research will only take someone using this website a minute to complete. There are no searches needed here. The only pieces of data needed include a vehicle model year and the automaker name. The computerized system will do its best to find the best sale pricing. What can be helpful to supply is a VIN number as a final way to validate if a 4L60E can be fitted into various Chevrolet vehicles.

Through calling the toll-free support line, a sticker price and explanation of OEM parts warranty protection is offered. Saving money is standard at this cheap transmission resource.