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Used Chevy 4L80E Transmission

The 4L80E Chevy transmission was built for use in the largest fleet of vehicles in the GM inventory. Starting in the 1991 year, modern electronics were being used to develop better gear ratios. General Motors placed a lot of manufacturing emphasis on creating a new series of 4-speed gearboxes. The retired THM builds did provide the design foundation for the 1990s inventory. It is possible to buy a used Chevy 4L80E transmission for less here.

Since the first phase of manufacturing for the electronic automatic gearboxes, GM has provided updates every few years. The 4L80E was design with a larger amount of torque compared to the smaller 4L60E. The light-duty C/K trucks and Silverado trucks were some of the first vehicles to use the newly modified solenoid shift package. The RPO code for the 4L80 is MT1.

4L80E Transmission History

General Motors selected its Michigan plant to provide all of the longitudinal electronic units placed into vehicles in the 1990s. There are separate drive ratios for each gearing package that is featured inside the 4L80E. The regular gear ratio was fixed at 2.48, 1.48, 1.00, 0.75 and a reverse of 2.07. A person who will purchase a used condition 4-speed should verify this with a dealer.

The truck and SUV vehicles were not the only recipients of the massively popular 4L80E gearboxes. The Express vans, Savana vans and Hummer H1 were fitted with the automatic controlled editions. Licensing to Jaguar and Bentley provided luxury vehicle owners with the stability of the E-series builds. As a heavy-duty gearbox, the 4L80E is still in production inside the United States.

The TH400 was what the 4L80E was modeled after at GM. Any vehicle with a gross weight of 8000 lbs or more likely using this gearbox. The improved torque converter uses a fluid system that includes a specially designed pump. A larger 4L85E now exists for vehicles that exceed the rated weight limit for the regular E-series builds.

Buying a 4L80E Transmission Online

A compatible turbo-hydramatic transmission and engine combination will be required for any swap job. A complete assembly will always include the TCM box as well as the torque converter. There are some retailers that do not include units in complete condition although there is no change in price. The PowertrainGuys.com company only provides complete builds.

Low Priced 4L80E Chevrolet Transmissions

If prices are what a person hopes to find here, no more further reading or research is required. Someone who spends enough time evaluating different companies will know a low price when it is offered. Powertrain Guys does supply a lengthy transmission warranty. This covers most of the installed GM parts.

Deterioration is a big problem with some retailer inventory. The inclusion of the warranty in the sale price structure will ease the mind of any Chevrolet vehicle owner or mechanic who purchases inventory here.