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Used Chevy 6.0 Gas Engine

GM offered its 6.0 liter V8 engine for sale in 2010. This L96 RPO code variant is a gas block. It is built in the state of Michigan as well as in foreign factories. The fuel system is a sequential fuel injection platform. It is primarily installed as a HD (heavy-duty) model. It is equipped with E85 flex fuel and standard unleaded performance. You can find a used Chevy 6.0 gas engine on this website.

L96 GM Motor Specs

The cast iron material that General Motors uses to builds its late model motors is much stronger. It is lightweight but does not affect the horsepower range. People still get 5600 RPM to 6000 RPM when using this unit. The 364 cubic inch displacement is a nice touch. The compression ratio is 9.7.1 which is one of the biggest in recent history.

There are hydraulic valve lifters that are installed. This is in addition to the throttle control system that is now placed onto all V8 builds. The automatic 6L90 transmission is the model selected to provide the shifting and torque to the 6.0 engine. This unit should not be confused with the Vortec 6000 series.

Swapping the 6.0 HD

Your Chevrolet truck, van or SUV might need a replacement block. You, as a consumer, can swap the V8 if you have the tools. You must consider what the relevant costs will be during and after the work is completed. Some people forget to estimate simple tool prices and refilling the block with the recommended amount of oil.

PTG has tested the compatibility of the following vehicles that are meant to work with the used gasoline motors we sell:


As automotive engineering gets better, GM will continue to improve on its existing parts technology. Leading the world in development of all vehicle types is the goal of the company.

Chevrolet Engine Parts Warranties

From the factory, you always get a specific length of coverage when you buy a new vehicle. Once this coverage lapses, you are responsible for paying the repair fees. This very situation where most people find themselves. To cover as much as we can, PowertrainGuys.com has a warranty plan for all of its HD series 6.0L V8 engines online.

This is extended protection that is meant for the common person to utilize. There is nothing physically wrong with the salvage truck engines that we sell each year. We configure the policies to act as a temporary insurance policy should an expense present itself.

Prices for 6.0 L96 Engines

Your VIN number will be one determining factor when you select any second hand block. We can do a trace on the number to find out the factory specs. We will then match all of what we have in our warehouse up to your sport utility vehicle or pickup. We verify that you can order the preowned L96 motors we have up for sale.

Our price quotation system is open 365 days a year. Please use this application to openly review our sticker pricing. What you will encounter is a discount taken off of the original MSRP. Through a direct acquisition procedure, we are offering late model Chevrolet V8 motor blocks at a good price point. Call our number when you want to place your order.