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Used Chevy LS1 Engine for Sale

The LS1 is a GM engine for its Chevy performance cars. It was for sale starting in 1997 in the USA. While it was only produced until the 2004 year, it did find placement into four of the top vehicles. Car owners who love horsepower have no negative things to say about the 5.7 liter V8 base. Powertrain Guys has a used Chevy LS1 engine for sale with a low sticker price.

The specs of the block include an OHV cast iron design. The V8 size is the perfect mixture of reliability and longevity. There are 345 cubic inches that are found in the regular production option versions. The 10.1.1 compression means you get raw power at up to 6000 RPM. Even in crate form, the 5.7 liter delivers a lot of value for the small investment.

Cars Using LS1 Motors

The longest production run inside of a Chevrolet vehicle was inside the Corvette. Before the Z06 was introduced, power levels were lackluster in some 8 cylinder motors. Car owners dreamed of a way to couple the torque and immediate take off that the vehicles from the 1970s had.

If you drive one of the following automobiles, you can install the used LS1 engines that we have here at PTG:

Trans Am

Taking your car up to the next level does not have to cost a lot. The complete builds that you will find here are in used condition. Knowing this should not make you feel uneasy. Just because someone junked a Chevy car does not mean the motor was not in good shape. In fact, 75 percent of the inventory we warehouse has low mileage.

Prices for Replacement Chevrolet Engines

PTG retails its products nationally. This does include the great country of Canada. Automotive service shops, mechanics and people who own and work on cars purchase here daily. Prices are determined when using our database. Using this tool pulls price details out of our warehouse. We know what we have available to ship. We also know the freight fees.

Call us over the phone to place an order. Once we distribute a price to you, it is unique to you as a customer. It will not go up tomorrow. Your order guarantee supplies you with fast shipments and easy delivery. Your warranty will protect components from sudden failure. Do not buy from a scrap yard or other source until you have checked our price structures.