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Used Chevy LS3 Engine Sale Price

Chevy found its LS3 engine worked great in performance cars. It was for sale and used in the Corvette, Camaro and G8 vehicles. This block has a high horsepower output. It was manufactured under the Generation IV platform at General Motors. Someone doing research on where to locate a crate or pull out edition can find inventory here. You can buy a used Chevy LS3 engine with a sale price right at PowertrainGuys.com.

6.2 Liter OHV Aluminum Block

The specs of the LS3 are impressive. The motor is only compatible with vehicles that will accept the longitudinal layout. In terms of the performance, horsepower is boosted a little in the Camaro SS package. The standard rate is about 426 hp. This ratio did improve to 436 in later installations.

The block is entirely cast aluminum alloy. The RPM is maxed out around 5900. A 2 valve combination with the 8 cylinders provides the raw power people appreciate. There is talk in the industry that the LT1 V8 will replace the Chevy LS3 engine at GM soon.

The displacement is fixed at 6.2 liter. It is perhaps the biggest small-block motor built in the past 30 years that features such intelligent components. You can order this in crate form or in a complete edition that was acquired from a junk yard here.

The compression is 10.7:1. The power that is created from the gasoline combustion has a lot to do with this pressure ratio. The factory specs at Chevrolet provide a more complete listing of what to expect with an OEM build.

Reliability of the LS3 Motor

Speaking in general terms, there are no immediate problems with any of the Gen IV manufacturing of parts. Dealerships do provide warranty work although some consumers never take advantage of it. PTG retails its used Chevy LS3 V8 engines for a special sale price. This is not the same MSRP that is found on various Internet portals.

Happiness is usually maintained if an installation goes well and no parts fail. The warranty plan that is offered at the order point for consumers here contributes to happiness. Consumers who have had bad dealings in the past with a retailer will immediately recognize the difference with us.

Buy an LS3 Engine Online

Take your performance to new heights with a preowned V8. All parts are checked and are deemed reliable. Dirt or other grime that builds up on the heads and block is always removed to the best of our ability. We do depend a lot of secondary market partners to assist us with this. Get your full price including our specialty discount here.

Call our team by phone to get more details not listed on this page. We are always out to help anyone find the replacement Chevy motor they want to order. Every customer is treated with respect and held in high regard. You are not dealing with an auction company when shopping here.