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Used Chevy LS7 Engine for Sale

Get your hands on a used LS7 engine by Chevy at a sale price here online. The 7.0 liter that we provide to consumers is a second hand version. This 427 cubic inch block is now the largest V8 in production at General Motors. Built for performance, this motor does everything that a person has ever dreamed about. Find a used Chevy LS7 engine for sale right in our web inventory.

Specs of the LS7 Block

Chevrolet is synonymous with a high level of performance. Like all of the OHV V8 builds, the 7.0 liter is no different. Coming in at a huge 11:0:1 compression ratio, nothing short of miraculous is going on. The Generation Motors production schedule under its Generation IV development is what puts the power in the LS7.

The block itself has a 505 horsepower rating. The regular option sequential fuel injection is what someone will find when viewing the main block. There are titanium rods that connect the block together. The construction is aluminum to make it lighter but also less prone to overheating.

The 7.0 is a massive block that is built strictly for speed. The TR6060 is so far the only transmission that has been linked to the V8. Cars like the Z06, Camaro and 427 provided GM with enough data to certify the build as the next big thing.

Replacement LS7 Motors

Almost all of the LS series engines developed in the past two decades are what we retail at PowertrainGuys.com. From the block to the gearbox to the drivetain, anyone who has a need for a replacement component will find an assortment of things to order here.

Even though we find good junk yards to acquire Chevy products, the quality is rated among the highest available.

We put a lot of effort into protecting parts that might fail during usage. Even the very best factories at GM still have defects from time to time. We wrote and stand behind a protection plan through our partners that will cover a consumer in their time of need.

Buy Used Chevy LS Engines

You can buy here. You can just look too. Using us as a LS7 Wikipedia style resource is alright as well. Most people are ready to order though. The price versus value debate is one that does not happen here. We already know the value is high. What you want to determine is if we are as cheap as we say that we are.

We let you use the quote system here to obtain a discount. Looking over the details will likely cause you to want to call us to place an order. This is the point when real savings begin. Things such as free shipping, longer warranty plans and VIN number matching can be explored.