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Used Chevy Tracker Engine

The Tracker SUV by Chevy/Geo used two small engine blocks during its run. The first series came out in 1989. During the next few years, changes were administered that added a little more power to the vehicle. Even though this concept vehicle is not longer produced, you can find a used Chevy Tracker engine at a good price here.

1.6 Liter and 2.0 Liter Engines

General Motors took over production of the Second Generation Tracker. The Geo name was retired and the Chevrolet name was fixed to the body of the compact SUVs. Production finally ceased in North America in the 2004 model year. There were two types of blocks that one could find in the Chevy Tracker.

These include the following:

1.6 liter L01
2.0 liter J20A

Suzuki is the company that built these blocks. Because of the smaller size, not much torque was available. Even modifying the transmission did not bring a higher power level to the Tracker. This is one reason it was discontinued.

Tracker Parts Warranty

PTG has a solid and respected warranty for its inventory. We search reliable scrap yards in all major cities to find inventory with low mileage. The truth is that the engine for a Chevrolet Tracker is reliable. It is a small four-cylinder workhorse. You can put upwards of 200,000 miles on them without damaging the original parts.

These are gasoline and not diesel motors. Some countries have vehicle owners who have swapped a diesel for the regular block. This is not an activity that you will find that we participate in. All coverage applies to the unleaded gasoline versions only.

The warranty program we have set up for parts is in effect. At the time of purchase, a person can ask to review coverage or just look at it when the crate motor arrives. You are not buying something that we would not have installed in our own automobiles. We are proud of the second hand 2.0 engines and other blocks in stock.

Buy Used Chevy/Geo Engines

All preowned assemblies that you will find here can be shipped out immediately. There are no delays once we process your order. Your price quote is something that we take time to prepare for you. One of our staff members will research the VIN to make sure it matches up to the right size block. This will guarantee that the transmission will hook up to it.

Use the PTG parts and price locator system here. You get first pick of anything we stock for Chevrolet or Geo. Even when you are ready to order, we never stop providing assistance. We will speak to you on the phone and go over all details. This is one portion of the guarantee that we give to all people using our website.