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Used Chrysler Pacifica Engine

The Pacifica is a Chrysler vehicle that used three engine types beginning in 2004. The production began on this crossover vehicle to help compete against other top auto companies. The CS platform was the chassis style selected to hold the V6 motor block and undercarriage components. On this PTG website, you can find a used Chrysler Pacifica engine online.

Engines Used in the Pacifica

The base model vehicle had the 3.5 liter block installed. Putting this version under the hood was no accident. Chrysler had already tested the performance through subsidiary vehicles. Going with a stronger starter in the beginning helped consumers to have more confidence in the CUV concept.

Consumers who demanded a little extra power opted to buy the 3.8 Pacifica. Even though the official listing of this vehicle is a wagon, it still has plenty of horsepower. The switch the bigger block made sense in a lot of respects. Jeep vehicles were already doing well with the same variant in the United States.

Production took place in Canada for all of the model years of the Pacifica. The 4.0 liter was the final installation for the first generation of manufacturing. Again, Jeep was the brand that was mimicked when the five-door CUV needed more performance.

Ultradrive Transmission Compatible

The automatic gearboxes that were installed from 2004 onward were Ultradrive transmissions. The 41TE and 41AE were the first assemblies linked up the V6 block. Since there were already confidence in the four-speed automatic, no changes had to be made to get these models to work with newly produced vehicles.

PowertrainGuys.com has confirmed that the used Pacifica motors that we retail here will work with the four-speed and six-speed automatic transmissions built by Chrysler. This is one element not to forget about when wondering what is or what is not compatible. A swap will go much easier and be less expensive when the right components are ordered the first time around.

Prices for Replacement V6 Motors

Chrysler builds as well as FCA builds can be researched and priced on this page. You are not alone when you are researching. Without even speaking with us, your access to price data takes place using the computer application we programmed. Our warehouse staff makes hourly updates to prove that prices are accurate. Try it out now.

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