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Used CVT Transmission Ford Freestyle

The CVT transmission by Ford used in its Freestyle is a dry gear set assembly. There are no working gears that are lubricated like a regular automatic. This is a new concept in the continuously variable units being built. The SE and Limited trim mid-size wagon vehicles all used CVT transmission Ford Freestyle inventory. Buy used versions here.

CVT30 Gearbox Specs

During the 2005 through 2007 production year, Ford installed the CVT30 in a few vehicles including the Freestyle. The initial reaction was mixed with consumers because of the new technology being relied upon. It is not easy to get used to the different gear sets and the way that the automatic and manual modes function.

The 30 series was built in Batavia, Ohio. This was the designated place where Ford began building what it called its latest innovation in transmission control. All in all, the CVT30 is a reliable assembly especially if you can find one with low mileage on it.

If you were part of the class action lawsuit against Ford for its CVT, you probably were or were not affected by the regular problems that pop up. Excessive noise and no upshift were some of the units that had OEM factory defective parts.

Freestyle Transmission Warranty

Our inventory is not flooded with replacement units, but we do carry what people need. The warranty does extend the original parts and not the labor someone might pay to a mechanic. The installation should always be supervised and inspected for accuracy. What we do is cover under our term plan the most common break points on the CVT.

The selling price that people view here does feature the complete warranty cost. No one pays us an extra dime to receive proper coverage. When someone orders from our warehouse, we go through additional checks and balances to guarantee what is retailed.

Buy Used Ford Gearboxes Here

Technology sometimes takes a few years to catch up with consumers. Even though the CVT30 did not catch on, millions of people bought vehicles where this unit was installed. There is still a supply in the USA. The inventory we showcase comes from this overstock and will continue to do so until stock is depleted. You can buy your used Ford CVT transmission from us at PTG on this page.

Request our price by enter your details into our computer application listed here. You get full advantage of our contacts and special incentives from our suppliers. Review the current pricing and then call our phone line to order. Our friendly staff will process your order and send out your package in the same day.