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Used Dodge 46RE Transmission

The 46RE is a Dodge automatic transmission used in numerous vehicles. It was for sale staring in the Ram 1500. This unit is one of the electronic controlled modules produced by Chrysler. It used to be called the A518 prior to a new naming procedure in the 1990s. Auto owners appreciate this assembly because it is so versatile. You can buy a used Dodge 46RE transmission for sale using this PTG website.

Specs for the 46RE Gearboxes

The main electronic component in the 46RE assembly is the electronic governor. This is a pressure control system. Like most vehicles, the use of a solenoid is the alternative to the regular hydraulic control. By switching to electrical pulse configurations, Chrysler was able to up the game in the manufacturing of pickup trucks, SUVs and vans.

When a person shops around for a used 46RE, there are some things to consider. The first is what motor vehicles the assembly will fit into. People might be disappointed to find that compatibility was not widespread over the entire spectrum of Dodge automobiles. There are only a handful of installations of the famed A518 setup.

RWD Compatible Installations

Automobiles that were 14,000 gross weight vehicles or less can accept the swap of a 46RE transmission from Dodge. The following list of motor vehicles will use the factory units that we have in stock here:

– Ram
– Cherokee
– Durango
– Dakota
– Ramcharger
– Dodge Van

The TorqueFlite family is known for its powerful torque converter. This is an element that should always be included when trying to find a replacement. There are some retailers that exclude the converter and the turbine. Powertrain Guys only sells you a complete 46RE transmission for sale with all OEM options.

Things like no second gear, leaking fluid, cracked housings and shifting problems are all too common with preowned products. The overview procedures that our team provides offers more than a guarantee. Cleaning, through a steam process, is how to get the oil and crud off of the assembly before shipment.

Price for a Used Dodge Transmission

Do not pay more than you have to for a second hand build. You can buy rebuilt although these are higher in retail price. The suitable thing to do for people is to change out a defective four-speed for one that is a salvage version. The actual cost for this series of products is given on this page. No waiting around is needed. Just plug the numbers for your vehicle into our shop computer. What comes out is the price.

A buyer who feels like calling on the phone to speak with us can do so. The number we have is local to our area, but can be called in the USA. Do we ship to Canada? Yes we do. Anything else like warranty terms are explained by our trusted staff by phone. Get treated like a human being again. Try our company.