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Used Drive Shaft for Ford Ranger

The drive shaft that is used in Ford Ranger trucks used a two-piece or single tube. The 2WD and 4WD lengths were not the same. There are different measurements for these assemblies. The materials utilized to construct the shafts were aluminum and steel. Most of what you can find in aftermarket inventory is a cheaper aluminum polymer. Powertrain Guys has a used drive shaft for Ford Ranger trucks ready to ship.

Front and Rear Shaft

The transmission size and type of motor will always determine the measurement of the shaft. From 1983 to 1998, Ford Motor Company installed only one type of assembly for the front and the rear. This was locked together at the u joint. The flange could pop open causing a break in the assembly. The switch was made to a one piece unit after many years of heartache by truck owners.

Late model 2002 and up pickups have a 38.50 inch front shaft design plus the rear linkage. The precise measurements must be taken in order to make sure things fit well. Local fabrication shops in some cities have retooling machines that can lengthen or shorten the tube. Truck owners who want to avoid this extra work just buy a used Ranger drive shaft to install.

Drive Shaft Warranty

The decision to go with an original part will pay off in the long run. Installing a part that was not meant originally for your truck is a disaster waiting to happen. Why save a couple of bucks on a weak shaft? A pull out from a junk yard is the best way to match the right Spicer component. PTG has hundreds of yards that we contract with daily.

All parts include a stock warranty plan. This will guarantee that the rod is not bent or has a defect. As long as your original parts are in good shape, the used Ford Ranger drive shafts that we retail here online will work well. When in doubt, you can always get assistance before the ordering stage to make sure you are 100 percent confident.

Buy a Ford Ranger Drive Shaft

You might just want the front. You might need the rear or both. Let our one piece or two piece components work for you. Running pickup trucks are the basis of where we find inventory to acquire. Nothing has been sitting in a scrap heap for decades. Most of the stock that we warehouse looks like new. A general cleaning is sometimes required for aesthetic reasons.

The retail price along with our every day discount price is what you will find shopping here. The quotation computer is our primary source for delivery of pricing. Follow the steps to get through generating a quote on this page. Immediate assistance is offered through the customer support phone number we use. Find your Ford Ranger drive shaft price here. Never pay crazy fees for replacement drive shaft assembly ever again.