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Used F4A22 Transmission for Sale

The F4A22 automatic transmission was used in Mitsubishi and Chrysler vehicles. The creation of the Diamond Star Motors company made it possible to cross promote different technologies. A person doing research on the 4-speed builds from 1989 to 1997 will likely come across the F4A22 series units. Using this Powertrain Guys website, someone can find used F4A22 transmissions for sale at a great web price.

The most common configuration of the Mazda F transmissions were to pair up these builds with 4-cylinder motors. The 1.8-liter and the 2.0-liter were two examples of power levels that exceeded torque requirements. There are exactly 4 gears that were used in the automatic Mitsubishi builds. The first 3 are standard gears and the remaining gear is the overdrive.

Automatic Overdrive Transmissions

One of the new features at the time of production for the F4A22 transmissions series was the transmission control unit. These modules were designed to ease the restrictions of a normal torque system. The TCU that was programmed was able to control the 3-element torque converter that was installed in Dodge, Mitsubishi, Plymouth and Eagle vehicles. Some people might refer to this technology as a Chrysler first, but it was a Mitsubishi design.

One thing that people will notice when doing research on the history of Mitsubishi-Chrysler built transmissions is that mileage is not a factor. On a performance or standard engine enabled vehicle, a lot of mileage does not affect the OEM components. It is misuse and abuse that can degrade what a component is designed to do. Rarely do manufacturing defects cause problems.

Order Used Diamond-Star Transmissions

The ability to save some money when buying older car parts is not always possible. There are retailers or web auction listings that promote only a retail price structure. Since there can be a $300 to $800 difference in prices, knowing how much to pay is a little difficult. The PowertrainGuys.com company retails its F4A22 automatic transmission for sale at a super low price point.

Anyone with a PC, Apple computer, smartphone or tablet has immediate access to a price using the web tools here. Since there are so many requests for dealer-to-dealer pricing, the warehouse has been transformed with a digitally searchable database. Anything that is on sale and is marked for consumer sale can be priced using this system. People never pay retail shopping here.