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Used F4A4B Transmission

Many import vehicle manufacturers now use the F4A4B transmission to shift in sedan and coupe vehicles. The Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Kia companies have been using this four-speed edition for a number of years. While the original design is owned by Ford, other automakers are now benefiting from using the electronic modules. Buying a used F4A4B transmission is simple here online.

Models like the Eclipse, Galant, Lancer and Outlander have all used the FWD 4-speed gearboxes. While Ford continues to license automotive technologies, compatibility with foreign vehicles has helped push many brands forward. The four-cylinder motors that are normally found used with the F4A4B transmission are often preferred by vehicle buyers.

Vehicles Using The F4A4B

Sportage and Tucson are additional models that utilize the 2WD design. The four separate gears were popular until the emergence of 6-speed editions. Ford is now producing a new lineup of assemblies that no longer use the simple four-gear approach. Someone with a 2004 to 2009 foreign vehicle can use this website to find good inventory for the F4A4B assemblies.

While knowing what to buy is helpful, knowing what to look for when selecting a power train products provider is equally helpful. Since companies differ in terms of warranty and quality, a person who is able to find a dealer that offers good terms will win. The emergence of auction sellers is one issue that has plagued used transmissions in recent years.

Problems With The F4A4B Transmission

Some people have reported minor issues with a solenoid failure or clutch issue that is usually fixed through a mechanic. A couple known problems are not bad enough to cause a widespread recall. One good thing to know is that there are still dealers supporting foreign and domestic gearboxes. The PowertrainGuys.com website is one of a small group of dealers that warranty all products for sale.

A good warranty is a step in the right direction. Because dealerships can charge crazy prices for repairs, simply replacing a transmission with a preowned one is a better choice. It is the warranty that will carry most people through any minor problem period. If a part should fail, most of the coverage applies to components that can be fixed. A person with an activated warranty will always have the best coverage during transmission ownership.

Purchase Cheap Automatic F4A4B Gearboxes

The PowertrainGuys.com website is an intelligent resource for transmission buyers. When an assembly fails, there is little time to waste on expensive diagnostics or evaluations. Many people are smart enough to know that a brand new unit is usually too expensive to replace. The ability to purchase an affordable unit using this website is offered to all car parts buyers.

The way the price process works on this website is through the warehouse search database. This is connected to all in stock inventory. Shipping a unit is easier when consumers know there is no extra charge. Adding the year and model to a search will provide the fastest route to displaying pricing on this page.