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Used Ford Bronco II Transmission

Does your Bronco II need a reliable used transmission? Get sale pricing here. Ford displayed its updated SUV to the world in 1983. This series was produced for a seven-year period in the United States. During its time of manufacturing, a group of gearboxes were experimented with to find the best combination. PTG has a used Ford Bronco II transmission for you to order on this website.

Only two automatic versions were placed into the Bronco II when it was marketed. These were the Ford Motor Company products and not import editions. The rest of the products were four-speed or five-speed manual assemblies. This represents the Mazda and Mitsubishi builds.

Swapping your gearbox means checking for compatibility. PTG certifies that the following products will fit inside your SUV:


The BW1350 transfer case was very common to find in between the motor and the gearbox. This Borg Warner design unit was primarily responsible for the 4×4 power. Hooking up one of these to your replacement II series transmission will be easy.

Ford Parts Warranties

What you can locate here is a preowned assembly. These come to our warehouse by way of a junk yard or other source. We have the freedom to check them out on arrival and to grade them on appearance. A test confirms that all spline and other gears work fine. A good compression test will guarantee that no leakage is found.

PTG arranges a warranty plan for every buyer here. The terms are not the same for every one of the thousands of SKU numbers we have. First, we check the mileage to determine how much life the unit has left. We then add in age and condition. When all of this is finished, we come up with the warranty term that consumers feel comfortable with.

Prices for Bronco Transmissions

You can use our website as a research point or as an e-commerce source. What we offer to you is a secure method to find any used Ford transmission that has been in production. We specialize in hard to locate components. We ship these out to service facilities as well as to regular people’s homes. We do not estimate pricing. What you get is your exact sticker price.

Let our price calculator help you right here. Use the year of production as your main search identifier. We distribute our number to you in case you have a question or need ordering assistance. Strike up a conversation with our employees when you call us. We are ready to proceed with processing your sale right over the phone. This is much easier and way faster than going to a scrap yard in person.