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Used Ford F150 Transmission for Sale

The F150 is known globally due in part to its transmission stability. Ford places its trucks for sale with top quality components. The history of this truck is lengthy, but consumer confidence has been earned. There are just a handful of assemblies that have been added to the F-Series family. Powertrain Guys has a used Ford F150 transmission for sale here.

F-Series Transmission Types

Can you identify the assembly in your truck? Without calling a dealership, not too many people even know what the OEM setup is. In the 1980s, Ford was capitalizing on the success of its overdrive gear models. The unit that is tied to this period of time is called the AODE or (automatic overdrive electronic).

If you truck is a little older, you probably have this one inside. You can sometimes tell by knowing the size of your engine. A V6 an V8 did use separate gearbox assemblies.

Most of the installations that were common in the 1990s were four-speed. The most famous of these is the 4R70W. It is a rear-wheel drive component that is built for medium duty torque. This was also a solenoid controlled unit. The big brother to this model is called the 4R75W.

As of 2015, Ford Motor Company has changed its technology again. A shift towards to the 6-speed models is underway. The developed 6R80 is now the newest transmission that can be found inside of the F150 pickup truck. PTG has all of these units in stock at any given time and with variations in mileage.

Ford Replacement Gearboxes: What to Know

A combination of good fluid mixed with excellent parts does not always end up with a good working assembly. Computer controls like TCM and TCU are now placed into the design of the F-Series transmissions. As a consumer, you should be aware that any component can be damaged due to an electrical or water problem.

Keeping the oil changed is a good practice to get into. Even with a preowned part, you should adhere to regular intervals of changing the stock oil. A good rule of thumb, regardless of the type, is to change at 15,000 miles.

Prices for F150 Transmission Assemblies

PTG has a full service price research application for you to use. Your mobile phone or tablet makes a great tool to shop for parts pricing on this website. You get to enter the details that correspond to the component you want. Our lowest price is then displayed from this page. Once you are happy with what you review, a call can be placed to our order center to take care of processing. Few companies can give you such a great way to order a replacement model for your pickup truck in the U.S. or Canada.