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Used TH325 Transmission for Sale

In the year 1982, General Motors launched its newest three-speed gearbox inside the auto industry. This model was a turbo-hydramatic family series. The original idea was to use this gearbox only with vehicles that were front-wheel drive enabled. The small size of the unit made it much easier to install in sedan and coupe vehicles. Buying a complete used TH325 transmission for sale is possible while browsing this auto industry resource.

The official part number is TH325-4L for the three-speed model. This model number represents the overdrive edition. A model produced from 1979 to 1981 did not include a any powered electronics. Someone can easily confuse the two models when evaluating what type of gearbox is installed in a vehicle. Buying a unit as preowned is an excellent cost saving strategy as a car owner.

Certified TH325 GM Gearbox

As a replacement to the TH425, the electronic TH325 model was built only until 1985. These units are getting harder to find due to the age of each model. The second hand market does offer one of the best resources to find the original GM models. There are rebuild kits sold on the Internet for most turbo-hydramatic units. One problem with these kits is that it does not reverse the mileage already on the assembly.

PowertrainGuys.com is one of the only certified sources to purchase a secondary market GM transmission. The TH series is just one of the automatic editions that are supported here. The inventory for these units is built through established partnerships in the United States. A person with a vehicle that has a longitudinal motor design will appreciate the 325 transmissions for sale here.

Three-Speed GM Transmissions On Sale

Price is usually considered first when a person evaluates the cost of a gearbox. While this can be helpful in decision making, it is not an exact science. Certification of the quality of a unit is what can provide security to a vehicle owner. When a gearbox is not rebuilt, a buyer and seller must trust each other more. Trust comes through an established sales record for a seller.

Classic General Motors vehicles that use the TH325 assembly includes Riviera, Toronado, Eldorado and Seville vehicles. Knowing which model is which and where to find a replacement is a good skill to have as a consumer. The automatic transmissions offered as preowned here are suitable for most FWD applications.

Best TH325 Transmission Prices

A great thing about the older turbo-hydramatic assemblies is that they are relatively less expensive to buy. While the overdrive is still a big seller, someone who has a small budget to swap out a GM gearbox can still get a good deal. Every TH gearbox priced for sale on this website is a special unit. These are special in price because they are lower than MSRP. The 325 is special as a unit because it comes with a better parts warranty for U.S. customers.